Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mohammed Morsi: President of Egypt

The Egyptian Elections Commission just declared Mohamed Morsi, the candidate of the Moslem Brotherhood, the winner of the historic Egyptian presidential election, the first free election in the country’s long history.

UPDATE: Mursy won 51.7 percent of votes, defeating former premier Ahmed Shafik. Morsy will form the first Islamist government in the Arab World’s most populous nation in a cohabitation arrangement with the country’s powerful armed forces.


mat said...

Congratulation! Welcome back and may the 'Al-mighty' leads the whole nation of Egypt to the right path of truth.

Anonymous said...

N. F. P.

The accepted English transliteration of the new president of Egypt is Mohammed Mursi.

Nader Uskowi said...

Morsy’s victory and the cohabitation arrangement he needs to work out with the military remind us of the early days of Erdogan in Turkey. May he succeed the way the Turkish leader did; his success is so important not just for Egypt but also for the whole region.

iview said...

May it be the Will of God that the new President of Egypt have tolerance towards the practice of all religious beliefs and a moderate and progressive attitude towards encouraging a strongly secular, democratic government.

Unknown said...

This ushers in a new era of defacto power sharing between the military and the Muslim brotherhood.
Unfortunately, without democratic principles fully implemented, both sides will blame their future failures on each other.
The Egyptian people won't get a chance to see their president with full presidential power taking responsibility for his failures and successes in future elections.

What a missed opportunity for Egyptian, to see through the democratic process that the Muslim brotherhood is just other parties, if they don't perform and conform to the wish of the people they get voted out, regardless of what they call themselves.

Anonymous said...

The stupidity of the people in the world and the middle east in particular is remarkable. "Democratic Process". These poor ignorant people just democratically elected a demon possessed muslim terrorist ten times worse than what was in there before. Hope I'm wrong but get ready for more wars, poverty, lack of freedom and death, especially towards anyone is isn't muslim.

Anonymous said...

Establish that Sharia Law brother!

Anonymous said...

Any free and fair elections in the region will produce an Islamists government...

The concept of Western democracy which is brought to the people of the region by the barrel of a gun is not compatible with the people's culture..

Western democracies were built on their Judeo-Christian culture/tradition and therefore not compatible with the people of the Middle East..

Anonymous said...

To those people who claim that Western type democracies are not compatible to the people of the middle East or that the people if given the chance will vote a Islamist into power.

In the Arab autocracies maybe but in Iran if the people were allowed to freely vote(which they aren't)they would choose a so-called "Western" style democracy.
Islamic politics has become bankrupt in the eyes of the Iranian people.
In Iran Islamic so-called politicians are the ones holding the gun barrel against the peoples wishes.
Iranians learned their lesson the hard way like Europe did over 300 years ago to not mix religion with politics.
Eastern or Western culture when they both experience religious fascism they come to the same conclusion.
Now the Arab nations will have their Islamist governments. But Iranian people with 33 years of Islamist rule by the mullahs have come to a different conclusion and are heading towards a new direction without the need for interference by religious doctrine into their lives.