Thursday, June 28, 2012

UN, EU Condemn Anti-Semitic Remarks by Iran Vice-President

The UN and the EU have condemned the anti-Semitic remarks made by Iran’s First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi at a UN international drug trade conference in Tehran on Tuesday.

In his speech delivered to the conference, the Iranian vice president had blamed Jews for international drug trade. The New York Times has described Rahimi’s remarks as “baldly anti-Semitic,” shocking some of the diplomats attending the conference.

Rahimi also had said that The Talmud teaches to “destroy everyone who oppose the Jews.” (The New York Times)

UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday criticized the remarks.

"The secretary general has on many occasions called on Iranian officials to refrain from these kinds of anti-Semitic statements. He does so again in response to these latest reported comments," said UN spokesman Martin Nesirky. "He believes it is the responsibility of leaders to promote harmony and understanding and he deeply regrets expressions of hatred and religious intolerance," Nesirky added.
Today, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton also condemned Iranian Vice President’s remarks.

"The High Representative is deeply disturbed by racist and anti-Semitic statements made by Iranian First Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi at the UN International Day against Drug Abuse," Ashton stated. Ashton added that such statements are “unacceptable” and reiterated EU’s commitment to “combating racism and anti-Semitism.” 


Anonymous said...

the terrorist regime is crippled internally; it can not correct itself by itself; it does not care to destroy the country ...

R said...

Yeah yeah whatever, we're not the ones who perfected and industrialised Jew slaughter. The West should stop projecting its guilt on Iran and work to reduce its own genocidal tendencies.

Compare the recent history of the West and Iran with one another and it will be so utterly clear who the real anti-Semites are. Hint: Those who slaughtered Jews and slaughter Arabs in the millions as we speak.

Nader Khan, you're very biased in your reporting ol' chap!

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a bunch of disgraceful uneducated religious bigots.

Anonymous said...

@R the question is not about the history; the question is what way do the Iranian president or vize-president believe that their antisemitic rants is helpful for the country; you can see the result of their actions today very clearly: war, sanctions, isolation, ruining the economy/currency etc. ; and still they want more of that; Iran or Iranian don't count for anything in their calculation

Nader Uskowi said...


You probably meant Mohammad Reza Khan, not Nader. After all he is the one who demonstrated extreme bias against the Jews in his ‘brilliant’ speech at a UN conference with foreign press and diplomats present. So please blame the message not the messenger.