Sunday, June 17, 2012

Iran, P5+1 Resume Talks in Moscow on Monday

Iranian and P5+1 negotiating teams began to arrive in Moscow today ahead of the latest round of nuclear talks amid an absence of hope that the talks would end the decade-old standoff.

The host Russia will try to get some form of agreement in Moscow to avoid the collapse of the talks, probably by the two sides again agreeing to hold more talks.

“There are reasons to believe that the next step will be taken in Moscow,” Russia's Deputy Foreign Sergei Ryabkov said Friday. “It is important for Russia to ensure that the negotiating process continues.” [AFP, 17 June].

A July 1 deadline for a full EU embargo of Iranian crude oil and the June 28 rollout of tough US sanctions against Iranian oil customers, however, might press Iran to come up with some agreements, probably on limiting or curtailing its 20-percent uranium enrichment program.


Mark Pyruz said...

It all hinges on whether the U.S. will accept an Iranian compromise. If instead, it remains an American diktat, an agreement will likely remain elusive.

Anonymous said...

Will amount to nothing.