Friday, June 22, 2012

Lavrov Cautions On Quick Settlement of Iran Nuclear Standoff – Clinton Says Iranian Hardliners Inviting Attack on Iran

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said today that the latest round of talks in Moscow between P5+1 and Iran was “quite useful,” but he cautioned that a quick settlement of Iranian nuclear standoff is not possible. Lavrov also warned the West against issuing any “artificial deadlines or ultimatums.

“In order to settle the issue, it’s necessary to refrain from constant threats of using force, abandon scenarios aimed against Iran, and stop dismissing the talks as failure,” Lavrov said [AP, 22 June].

Lavrov made the remarks days before Russia’s President Vladimir Putin arrives in Israel. Putin is expected to face a strong Israeli demand to take a tougher line on Iran.
“The message they (the Russians) will receive is that Israel can’t tolerate a nuclear Iran. Of course we prefer a diplomatic solution, but we will use all means to protect Israel’s survival,” said Yacov Livne, director of the Russia desk at the Israeli Foreign Ministry.
Meanwhile, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during an interview with PBS’s Charlie Rose on Thursday that the Iranian hardliners are inviting a military attack on Iran thinking that such an attack “would legitimize the regime.”

“Frankly, there are those (in Iran) who are saying, “The best thing that could happen to us is be attacked by somebody. Just bring it on because that would unify us. It would legitimize the regime,” Clinton said. “And, therefore, an argument is made constantly on the hardline side of the Iranian government that, you know, “We’re not going to give anything up. And in fact we’re going to provoke an attack because then we will be in power for as long as anyone can imagine,” she added. [PBS, 21 June].


Kemjika said...

Clinton's comments show Iran's "hardliners" are confident in their domestic position AND that the US doesn't ahve much leverage. Isn't a strike what US and ISrael kind of want? so why is the sole super power acting like military strikes isn't a dirty tool they use? exactly.....they are afraid of sajjils landing in Israel.

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure the US hasn't any leverage and that's why from July 1 Iran will be losing $90 million a day in oil sales.
The country is bleeding slowly to death and the regime is full of usual bluster.
Pretty soon there will be no Assad in Syria and after that Hezbollah will be dealt with in Lebanon.
The Islamic regime said the red line is Syria and so be it because very soon the red line will be breached and their foreign policy in the middle east will be history.

mat said...

What 33 long wasting years of U.S.'s boring statement against the sovereign state of IRAN. Next year will definitely be 34 of course.

Anonymous said...

it is becoming more and more a 3+3 than a 5+1

If France could drag itself off of the Anti Iran pack of US/UK then....

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

well Clinton is right; there are too many idiots in the Islamic system who do enjoy to dwell in the semantic toilet in which they have surrounded themselves

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Uskowi, sorry if off topic.

I have returned from Iran and the situation is just awful.
Last week this poor girl was attacked by khaharan zaynab brigade for not wearing proper attire.She was dragged hair first(bleeding from her head) into their van screaming and crying.
It's disgusting and degrading that our people are treated like this by the primitive regime.
She wasn't exactly wearing a miniskirt but see was wearing the monto and scarf,pathetic!

Generally there is an air of gloom in the country.And a lot of people are extremely angry at the regime.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Its better that Assad will be overthrown; it is not clear in the name of what reason the regime has tried to become the real ambassador of some Arab Movements in the first place - as if Arabs would say thank you to them at the end of history ; their whole foreign policy was based on satisfying some imaginary Arabs on the expense of the best Interest of Iranian themselves; so it is better that this insanity will come to an end

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The pity is that the situation in iran isn't as good as it should be. The people deserve better than a government that is rigdly reactionary and puts the interests of the citizens far behind the government's putrid religious ideas.

Anonymous said...

MR Uskowi

Regarding Anon 4:28 AM foul language which unfortunately reflects the regime and their supporters as a whole.If we can't reply in kind then why do you allow such gutter language on Uskowi.

All the best.

Nader Uskowi said...

Our sincere apologies. The comments by that tug should not have been posted. It is removed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:28 AM

You claim the situation in Iran is better than ever.
If that is so,why is bread 3000 toman?
Meat 43000 toman?
Chicken 8000 toman a Kilo?
Cucumber 3000 toman?
Then you rant about "Pan Turkism" and anti Iranians "zede Irani".
Since when are the mullahs Pro Iran for us to be zede Iran?
So complaining about the reality of the country and the dire state it's in is anti Iran "Pan Turkism"?
You need to grow up and get a life you poor fellow.Pathetic!