Thursday, June 7, 2012

Saudi Arabia, GCC Seek Failure of Iran Nuclear Talks - Rezaie

Mohsen Rezaei, the executive director of Iran’s Expediency Council and the publisher of the influential Tabnak news site, said today that some Arab governments, implying Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, are actively pushing for the failure of talks between Iran and the world’s major powers over the country’s nuclear program.

“Some of the regional Arab governments, out of their animosity with the Islamic Republic of Iran, seek to push for the failure of Iran's talks with the Western (powers),” Rezaei said.

“The political strategy of these countries for the failure of the negotiations is to either get Iran involved in a military confrontation or coerce it into yielding to the (U.S.) pressures,” Rezaie, a former IRGC commander, added [Tabnak/Press TV, 7 June].


Anonymous said...

Obscene statement.

Anonymous said...

Saudi ARabia is like the former Iraq and in the future will become former Saudi (tajzie) like former yogoslavia
10-15 years from now

Anonymous said...

What Rezai forgot to mention is that Khamanei is also on the side of saudi-arabia; he wants the failure too

Anonymous said...

If members of the iranian regime are convinced that the Saudis are hoping for the talks to fail, I suggest that they frustrate them terrible Saudi people and make strenuous effort toward insuring that the talks result in an agreement that satisfies all the talk's parties.