Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Iran Navy Ships Return From Syria

Iran Navy 18th Task Force comprising IRINS Shahid Naqdi, a Bayandar class corvette, and IRINS Kharg, a replenishment ship, today returned from Syria through the Suez Canal. The ships had entered the Syrian port of Tartous on Friday [Gulf News, 21 February].

The Arab press has termed the visit to Syria by the Iran Navy Task Force as a show of support for the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s embattled government.

Photo: IRINS Kharg crossing the Suez Canal, 21 February 2012. Reuters


Anonymous said...

I wonder of what was picked up

Anonymous said...

Probably their stooge Assad was picked up and taken to his filthy masters in Tehran.

Anonymous said...

... more like what was dropped off.

Syria/Hezbollah are an important neighborhood tactical retaliation base.

That was a long and expensive trip to turn around and return with nothing resolved... Syria may crack within next 10 days- the visit looks more like a stop and drop imho.

" advanced weapons delivery from Mullah Logistics... please sign for WMD"

Unknown said...

The ultrashort stay this time around maybe indicative of some ambivalence on the part of the IRI. Afterall, logic dictates that the Assad regime is history, and the regime in Iran, an Hezbollah, has got be planning for the after Assad era.

Anonymous said...

Feb 21, 9:09 PM EST

UN nuclear agency reports failed Iran talks

... safe to say: we're done talking.

begin stocking up on gasoline, and keep vehicle tanks near full.

good luck all... "poof"

Dr. Grzlickson said...

That corvette must be 50 years old by now.

Anonymous said...

Syria may crack within next 10 days

Someone said Assad will be gone within 2 weeks when this Western backed chaos started.And here we are today. No government will stand idle when there's an armed insurrection..Particularly when it's foreign backed..

You guys can have your wet dreams with your "Assad fall" predictions.I can assure you he'll still be there and the foreign backed opposition will be marginalize in Syrian society..Their destructive tendencies don't make them desirable for the average Syrian.Guess what? Even Al-Qaeda supports Syrian democracy now..Who knew??.

Why not make it 3 days?? Why 10 days? It must be a numbers game, right?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:56 AM

Don't keep huffing and puffing!
Time is on the Syrian peoples side and Assad is already history!

Anonymous said...

Dr Grzlickson

Don't worry they will just give the corvettes a new paint job and proclaim that they have manufactures latest generation "stealth" ships.

Suleiman Kahani said...

"Time is on the Syrian peoples side"

That's absolutely true, but what you forgot to mention is that Syria's people wholheartedly support their President Assad!

You zionist lapdog can wish all ill to Assad, he's gonna stay...you kept hoping and hoping and hoping he would fall any day since last march...well, he seems pretty fine for me!


Anonymous said...

The Syrian people wholeheartedly support not only President Assad, but his father President Assad, and all the Assad brothers and cousins who have provided Syrians with such a high standard of living and with enormous military prowess (as demonstrated in their numerous victories over the Zionists and their recovery of the Golan Heights). The Syrian people show their support for President Assad and his father President Assad by voting in Syria's free, fair, and democratic elections.

Anonymous said...

Anybody that supports this opposition, whom Al-Qaeda has come out publicly to support, must have their heads examined.

Sometimes the enemy of your enemy isn't necessarily your friend.

The Zionist shills on this Blog are nothing but emotional reactionary losers..They make decisions based on emotions and not logic.

Any foreign intervention in Syria will see missile raining down on Israel proper..Careful what you wish for.

See how Erdogan stopped making stupid threats lately? he just realized the consequences of such actions.

Anonymous said...

The Zionist shills on this Blog are nothing but emotional reactionary losers..They make decisions based on emotions and not logic.

Logic and absence of emotion dictate that Assad, his brothers, and his cousins have the right to rule Syria for as long as they want and anyone who opposes them deserves tanks, rockets, bullets, and torture. The only people who would oppose all of the wonderful things and tremendous living standards of Baathist Syria are Zionists, Bin Laden's sons & wives, Salafis, and the Mossad-AIPAC-Zionist-MEK-CIA-MI6-Qatari-Saudi-Wahabi-Jordanian-Turkish criminal conspiracy. Long live Assad Junior!

Anonymous said...

if you dont support zionist then you will be history