Friday, February 3, 2012

IAEA Mission to Tehran Went Unfinished

Associated Press quoting the Western diplomats reported today that last week’s IAEA mission to Tehran fell short of hopes that it would come away with new information on the country’s alleged nuclear weapon program or lack of. The IAEA inspectors reportedly were refused the permission to visit Prchin, a military complex near Tehran that allegedly is the center of Iran’s nuclear weapons development. Iran continues to deny that its nuclear program has any military dimensions.

The IAEA team reportedly refused to accept an Iranian plan that would have limited the scope of its probe. Instead, the agency team left Tehran ahead of schedule after giving the Iranian authorities a concrete blueprint that would commit Tehran to answer all questions on the allegations about the nuclear weapons program. The next mission to Tehran will begin on 19 February.


Anonymous said...

The regime will lead the IAEA up the garden path so that they could buy more time.
My message to the IAEA is don't waste your time.

Anonymous said...

Parchin was already visited by the IAEA -- twice -- despite the fact that it is a non-nuclear facility that falls outside of the IAEA's legal jurisdiction