Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ahmadinejad: Great nuclear achievements to be announced

"God willing, the world will witness the inauguration of great achievements in the nuclear sphere in a few days."

"They say that they want to talk to us. We have always been ready for talks. Well, they should be within the framework of justice and respect.

I clearly declare that if you
(the West) use the language of force and insult, the Iranian nation will never yield to you."

-- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (February 11th 2012)

Marking the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today declared that Iran will be announcing "great" nuclear achievements within the next few days.

He didn't go into any grave detail, but stated that "all needs of the Iranian nation" would be met by the country's nuclear scientists.


Anonymous said...

All hot air.

Anonymous said...

"grave" details?

apparently the author opposes the overwhelming majority of ordinary Iranians inside Iran that support their nuclear program.

Anonymous said...

That's right what a great achievement that the price of meat costs $15 a kilo that's 26400 Toman and sangak bread costs 3000 Toman when it used to cost 1 Toman.
I guess Iranian people will have to eat uranium for food while the mullahs and their cohorts grow fat on Iran's wealth.
Yes Ahmadinejad it's easy for you to talk about "achievements".

Paul Iddon said...

@ Anon 12:11 PM

Apologies, typo. 'tis fixed

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:11 PM

The overwhelming majority of Iranians care what is on their table not the nuclear program.
And because of the policies of the regime the people have nothing on their table.
It's easy for the likes of you to support the Islamic regime when you are comfortably living and eating in the west.

Stranger said...

"while the mullahs and their cohorts grow fat on Iran's wealth."

out of any government you could have and under Irans sanctions the current government is the least likely to get "fat" of Iran's wealth as you can clearly see there's nobody senior in government that is overweight on the contrary they look quiet malnourished

its true the sactions are hurting ordinary people but the nuke program is a gamble that may pay of for future iranians as it may be the death nail on the US empire and lead to a more just and peaceful multi-polar world that will benefit economic development across the region

Anonymous said...

sounds like the regime is gonna gonna talk about how they're getting ready to build those bombs that they said they never would.....and it's all gonna be the fault of those nasty, lying people who are threatening the Iranian nation because they foolishly think that Iran has been working toward building bombs.

Anonymous said...

Stranger.....You honestly believe the US is a dying empire?
You know that the US owns most of the financial institutions and major companies in the world that includes in China as well.China needs US know how and heavy investment for decades to come.It is the US that is helping to build China.

Oh and Stranger the meaning of fat doesn't necessarily mean weight but also means stealing and raping the nations wealth and depositing it into their FAT BANK ACCOUNTS.

Anonymous said...

nuclear bomb is the easiest task for iran scientest the things may be far greater than that maybe last years iran was told briefly on side line ahmadynajad told we will give more fund to our scientist to studied the final chapter of nuclear fusion energy for electricity if they capable to complated they are really would be first country to control such a complax studied as usa and west for 4 dacades try over come the problem also iran for last 10 years ago was studied the nuclear fusion energy creat direct magnatic field for geting electricity without require steam might be this

Anonymous said...

Hot air or not. The FACT is that Iran is nuclear capable and the nuclear ship has sailed. Iran's enemies can not do much but eventually accept a nuclear powerhouse Iran. One thing Iran has proved is that the Islamic Republic is enduring, has popular support and can fend of hollow threats by the Zionist mutts and their lackeys. Recently the war criminal Nothing Yahoo put a leash on his barking Zionist pups, so should the anti-Iran elemengt here as well. LOL.

Ahmadinejad may not be the most astute diplomat, but he does reflect the views of MAJORITY of Iranians (64% voted for him)on this UNIFYING ISSUE. Iran will go on with its nuclear program and will have nukes (or more than likey has them already, hence the impotency of its barking enemies).

Iran is rich, proud, powerful and large nation controlling the geo-strategic and energy faultlines of the world and is entitled to whatever it deems fit for its defence and progress.

Iran's pathetic enemies can eat dust and then some.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:24 PM

What enduring support are you babbling about ?
The cardboard cutout theocracy will not be saved by a few nuclear bombs in its position.
Just like the soviet union of old with its 15000 nuclear bombs it wasn't saved by them because the regime was rotten and bankrupt from within,very similar to the cardboard regime in Tehran.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:24 PM

The cardboard cutout theocracy will not be saved by a few nuclear bombs in its position.

But it will ensure the country's security and survival and that's what matters in the end.