Sunday, February 5, 2012

US working closely with Israel to prevent Iran becoming a nuclear power - Obama

""I've been very clear - we're going to do everything we can to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and creating a nuclear arms race in a volatile region."

-- Barack Obama

Obama in a live interview on NBC today stated that Washington was working "in lockstep" with Israel to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon stating that the US and Israel at present have "closer military and intelligence consultation than we've ever had".

Seemingly alarmed over reports that Israel may strike Iran by April Obama seems to be attempting to alleviate Middle Eastern tensions between Iran and Israel by reassuring the Israelis of US commitment to their security as was made evident by his declination to answer a question that inquired whether or not Washington would be consulted if Israel were to launch such a preemptive strike.

When asked if he thinks Israel will launch a preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities Obama stated he didn't "think Israel has made a decision on what they need to do."


Anonymous said...

Menaing, killing Iranians on Irans streets and a bunch of small willied people here and there even rejoice.

No matter how many they murder, Iranians shall prevail.

mat said...

How to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power?

The very first of all; the U.S. and its master, the Zionist regime of Israel should immediately and completely stop those 33 damned years of 'BARKINGs' and 'BEATINGs' of empty drum of war threats against the mighty Islamic Republic of Iran.

And once it is all stopped, both the U.S. and its master, without any hesitation and with no time to lose, could once, simply and easily, start striking, attacking and even invading the so-called, the most powerful nation of the whole region of the Middle East. It is just like, as simple as eating a slice of butter cake. Isn't that simple?

As conclusion, I'm definitely quite sure that, as a guest, those warmongers would be pretty well welcomed, treated and served with the real great tastes of highly and specially, unforgetable Iran's self-made champagnes and wines. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Poor Obama is toning down the anti-Iran rhetoric after getting US arse kicked by Russia and China at UNSC (Zionist warmongering club) on Syria. Even the Zionist mutt Nothing Yahoo has asked his minions not to bark too many hollow threats. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know the puppet in chief is working with the shit-heads in Tel Aviv to "stop" Iran.Stop Iran from what? The arrogance and hubris...They've been doing it for the past 30 years..What else is new??

Obama will do anything for AIPAC money..US interest comes last.

mat said...

Mon Feb 6, 2012 10:57AM

Iran has launched 21 domestically-manufactured electronic, optical and telecommunication systems along with products and research projects in line with the country’s efforts to beef up its defense capabilities.

Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi told reporters on Monday that nine production lines have been inaugurated, which include those for advanced laser-guided systems of a cannon type, guiding systems of an anti-armor missile, a warning apparatus of a laser defense system meant to protect sensitive and important areas in the country, three advanced radars and a powerful microwave lamp.

He added that eight other products including thermal cameras, laser systems, air-defense, and electronic communications for submarines were delivered to Iran's Armed Forces.

Vahidi also noted that four research projects in the field of electronic warfare have been completed, which will enter the phase of industrial production in the near future.

The defense minister reiterated that the achievements would considerably increase Iran's defense powers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:00 AM

So you support the rape torture mass murder of Syrian women and children by the Assad barbaric regime?
All because the regime supports the other mass murdering regime in Iran you think they are alright.
And I know your pathetic answer will blame the so called "Zionists" because you have been fed this nonsense and rubbish by your ignorant mullah or some crackpot right wing Nazi party which the ideas as well as the likes of you belong to the dustbin of history.

Anonymous said...

How come the oil price keeps going down???

Doeas the world not know how mighty Iran is???

Anonymous said...

killing Iranian scientists together. Like a Mafia family.

Anonymous said...

The US is largely irrelevant to Iran these days. The day when China, Russia and to a lesser extent India go against Iran - that's when things will turn.

Unknown said...

Equiped with 1970s ships and some small speed boats, Iran is already threatening the world that they would close the straite of Hormuz; Can you imagine what they would say or do if they had a nuclear weapon today?!
You don't have to be an Israeli Zionist to be worried about that prospect.
The Iranian regime is making everyone around the world nervous, period!

Anonymous said...

Anon---so somehow you failed to notice that Russia and China agreed to four rounds of sanctions against the idiots in Iran for working on nuclear weapons?

Haven't noticed that Russia told iran to get stuffed as they were NOT gonna deliver the S-3000 air defense systems?

Didn't notice that China went to the Saudis to get guarantees that the GCC nations would deliver oil that Iran has been supplying.

Russia and China were willing to use their SC veto for Assad and not for Iran and somehow you think that Russia and China are "supporters" of iran's regime??????

ho ho ho ....

Anonymous said...

Dr Fazeli, as a trained Ph.D. you should know well all problems needs to be looked at analytically and resolved with facts not with fiction and propaganda.

The regime in Iran, no matter its ugly nature of evolving to a dictatorship, foremost wants to preserve its power base, and its survival. To that end no matter what weapon systems it has, an arrow to a photon torpedoes, it knows well that others have many times of those weapon systems and will not jeopardize its survival unless it knows well it is being pushed off-the-cliff by an outside force.

Leave it and Iranians from within will get rid of it. Any other action is illogical and counter to resolving a crisis, unless those Foreign entities have other motives.

Anonymous said...

Russia and China and laughably India have no real power that are shaping the middle east today.
Russia and China are wrongly supporting the near death Assad regime in Syria and both countries are hated by the real Iranian nation and not the regime stooges whom falsely claim are the majority.
We the Iranian nation support the Syrian peoples in their desire to choose the government of their choice and condemn the fascist Islamic theocracy in their support with mercenaries and money a blood thirsty and merciless fascist junta in Syria.

Unknown said...

Annon 6:38 PM
I appreciate the point of view but I would say that we can't ignore the simple uncomplicated fact that the more erratic the regime in Iran acts the more likely that it's enemies will pounce. Now, the west may have other motives, and who can blame them, but an attack on Iran would come primarly out of fear that Iran is unprintable,and if it were to ibtain a nuclear weapons it would act irrationally.
Sometimes things are simple, like the term Dr. In the oolitical spher could still mean an MD, and not a PhD.
Unfortunately, I have come to the realization that, despite the major dangers to everyone in the region, an armed conflict with the Iranian regime might be the only hope Iranians have to get rid of this dictatorship. Sad but true, I think.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:43 AM

Either you are living on a different planet or you're pulling BS out of thin air. Most likely the latter.

Oil prices rise after drop in US hiring expands

Anonymous said...

I have come to the realization that, despite the major dangers to everyone in the region, an armed conflict with the Iranian regime might be the only hope Iranians have to get rid of this dictatorship. Sad but true, I think.

And if you think that the Iranians will welcome an outside intervention, after looking at the current situation in Iraq, then you're going to be in for a rude awakening!

B.M.A said...

IRAN MAKING EVERYONE NERVOUS IN THE WORLD !!!.-when twisted views and political choices blind a fine brain-IN REPLY TO JABBAL FAZZELI.

THAT You are an eloquent learned commentator is not hidden to everyone.And when it comes to articulating your points,everybody likes your sheer brightness and educative responses.THE BAD NEWS on your part is that you are practicing intellectual dis-honesty!and this sometimes sends you into empty emotional rantings. otherwise look how far you are from the truth!!


The regime in Tehran might be fascist or any other Name that is the opposite of goodness, but when you say they are threatening to close the strait and making the world nervous,you are not telling all!IRAN WILL NEVER CLOSE THE HORMUZ.BUT WHEN THIS DECISION COMES ,IT WILL BE A RESPONSE AND A SELF DEFENSE STRATEGY TO ANSWER AN INJUSTICE DONE TO THE IRANIAN NATION!.


Iran is not threatening the world!HER ideology and culture do not speak that language!and why do political choices bring someone to low as to speak a glaring lie?DOES IRAN SEEK A NUKE WEAPON?-yes according to NETANYAHU,no according to the CIA!!NO ACCORDING TO THE LEADER OF THE IRANIAN NATION.NO ACCORDING TO WHOLE WORLD!!!AND your assessment that Iran is being belligerent and boisterous because it has 1970 arms,this one i wont answer!!and if you are sure that IRAN IS THAT WEAK, THEN WHY DON'T NATO BRING DOWN THE REGIME AND INSTALL A WESTERN FRIENDLY ONE IN A WEEK just easily and simple!!.


indeed Iran has a lethal weapon! in fact too lethal than a nuke!and this weapon is the fact that GOD IS ON THEIR SIDE!!.