Saturday, February 18, 2012

US, EU Welcome Iran Readiness to Start Nuclear Talks

US Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton and European Union foreign affairs commissioner Catherine Ashton in a joint news conference at the State Department on Friday welcomed a letter from the Iranian government proposing new round of talks with the world powers about its nuclear program.

The letter, which had arrived at EU headquarters on Wednesday, was a long-awaited response to a proposal by Ashton in October on behalf of six powers, the so-called P5+1. The last round of talks between the Iran and P5+1 ended in failure in Istanbul in January 2011.

Clinton said in her remarks that the letter from Iran “appeared to acknowledge and accept” the P5+1 group’s framework for new talks.”

“We think this is an important step, and we welcome the letter,” said Clinton. “(Any resumption of talks) will have to be a sustained effort that can produce results,” she added.

“We must be assured that, if we make a decision to go forward, we see a sustained effort by Iran to come to the table, to work until we have reached an outcome that has Iran coming back into compliance with their international obligations,” Clinton said.

Ashton said the letter pointed to a “potential possibility that Iran may be ready to start talks.”

Source: The Washington Post, 18 February 2012


Anonymous said...

I still maintain this regime is the child of CIA and MI6 and they really don't wish to harm it.
Khomeini's voice was broadcast over to Iran from the BBC World service and Jimmy Carter supported and still supports the Muslim Brotherhood.
What the West wants is a slight change in the present Iranian regime,for example Mousavi one of the regime stooges.
The BBC and VOA only invite the sabzollahi movement Ganji and CO to interviews to portray that they are the only true opposition against the regime which is false.
All other Iranian media outside Iran have somehow been bought out by the regime barring maybe PARS TV and some ultra nationalist medias.
The Iranian people need true independent media away from any regime influence or suitcase traitors that infiltrate the foreign Iranian media against the fascist regime.

Anonymous said...

Iran has said nothing new, but the US/EU do as if they have a breakthrough.

because they want to end this finally, they are fed up with being blackmailed and pressured by the AIPAC.

what remains is the Israelis to sink a US warship and blame it on Iran, as they did in the 50's and started the war against Naser.

Anonymous said...

re 10:59 AM and Mr Uskowi

A little more than 10 years have passed since the last "big one"... Some believe, from day one, that this was always about Iranian regime (and not the citizens), and Iraq/Saddam was an annoyance, and also a useful idiot in the grand game. OBL as dual use asset-liability as needed. I agree, it may come down to requiring more than threat of WMD as pretext, with actual facts on the ground to green-light full spectrum denial of regime provocation, and existence.

Many, very recently, have decided that Iranian elections will not go as expected.

Israel is surrounded...
... and this scenario forward only gets worse for Israel... I have long believed that the Iranian strategic plan never involved direct conflict but rather proxies and along with an unrelenting and increasing pressure/threat on Israel that in time forces an emotional breakdown of State from within... say nothing happens now... kick the can down the road... imagine the environment 5 years from now. Many suspect that Israel as we know it, does not exist

... and regime in Tehran is active is Latin America, S E Asia and North Africa ... as well as Gulf of Mexico, claiming Western presence in Persian Gulf similar to Iranian in GOM.


Population unable to manage itself again... every 40-60 years Man needs a reminder.

Anonymous said...

The simple and glaring FACT is that Iran is a nuclear power and the "west" is now backtracking from threats to acceptance. Even the Zionist media like MSNBC and others have now toned down their barking and calling for a "containment" of Iran much like China and Russia.

Iran has proved steadfast and built up a massive deterrent capability, both economically and politically and hence is immune to pressure. The US/Zionists and their NATO puppies simply DO NOT HAVE THE ECONOMIC OR MILITARY RESOURCES TO FIGHT IRAN. Russian and Chinese assertiveness in global affairs has also nuetralized US/Zionist barks. US economy is in tatters and gasoline prices are again heading $5 a gallon by summer, even without a suicidal war. Any shooting war in the Persian Gulf would lead to global collapse and WORD WAR III. In any case the pip=squeak Zionist entity is a "one bomb job". Kaputski in any war with Iran.

Anonymous said...

Iran is well poised as the newest nuclear power utilizing some of the most modern domestic technology according to "western" diplomatic and intelligence assessments.

Iran's new generation of centrifuges now operational.

Iran's new generation machines, the centrifuges now operating at Fordow can be reconfigured within days to make such material because they already are enriching to 20 percent - a level that can be boosted quickly to weapons-grade quality.

Recent comments by western intelligence appeared to represent the first time anyone had quantified the time it would take to reconfigure the Fordow centrifuges into machines making weapons-grade material.

In contrast, Iran's older enrichment site at Natanz is producing uranium at 3.4 percent, a level normally used to power reactors. While that too could be turned into weapons-grade uranium, reassembling from low to weapons-grade production is complex, and retooling the thousands of centrifuges at Natanz would likely take weeks.

The diplomats' recent comments came as International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors are scheduled to visit Tehran on Sunday. Their trip - the second this month - is another attempt to break more than three years of Iranian stonewalling about allegations that Tehran has - or is - secretly working on nuclear weapons that would be armed with uranium enriched to 90 percent or more.

Diplomats accredited to the IAEA expect little from that visit. They told the AP that - as before -Iran was refusing to allow the agency experts to visit Parchin, the suspected site of explosives testing for a nuclear weapon and had turned down other key requests made by the experts.

Among these were indications that Iran has conducted high explosives testing and detonator development to set off a nuclear charge, as well as computer modeling of a core of a nuclear warhead. The report also cited preparatory work for a nuclear weapons test and development of a nuclear payload for Iran's Shahab 3/4 intermediate range missile and more advanced solid fuel missiles in its fearsome arsenal - weapons that could reach far beyond the Zionist entity usurping Palestine.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:04----- all the deterrent capability that iran has is the ability to blow up civilians not on the battlefield.....

The idea that iran could fight on equal terms with the US is childish untruth.

Any time that the US decides to blow up the underground weapons facilities, they will be finished with the job in a few days