Saturday, February 25, 2012

Iran Rejects British Charges of Supplying Syria with Weapons

Iran today rejected comments by British Prime Minister David Cameron that Iran was supplying the Syrian government with weapons to crack down on its opposition.

“Iran categorically denies any military interference in Syria and any comments regarding Iran supplying the Syrian government with weapons are totally baseless,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said [IRNA, 25 February].

“We condemn any violent acts in Syria and our stance has always been support of any reforms which would benefit the people. But at the same time we have always been against any foreign interference in that country,” Mehmanparast said.

Iran has supported Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government since the outbreak of unrest last year.


Anonymous said...

If the Islamic regime denies supplying weapons to the Assad regime so how come those Iranian navy ships stayed in Syria for two days and came back?
Don't tell me they where delivering flowers for the Syrian people.

Anonymous said...

I think IR SHOULD supply weapons to Syria. USA and Israel backed terrorist activities in Syria and the whole propaganda war in western media is a threat to Iranian interests in the near east. So why not defend own interests?

Anonymous said...

Usual desperate British poodles propaganda. IRAN DOES NOT NEED TO SEND SYRIA WEAPONS. The FACT is that Syrian military is one of the best armed in the region with over 4000 MBTs and 3000 APC and over 500000 troops and internal security manpower.

The so-called mostly US/Zionist/Turkish/Saudi supported "Syrian Free Army" is mostly Salafi thugs and murderering mercenaries pimps bought from Libya,Maghreb and other Arab ghettos and led by SAS and other western spccial forces. The Syrians captured over 40 Turkish commondos in Homs last week and Iran is negotiating for their release.

As acknowledged by Robert Fisk of the Independent, there has not even been a platoon sized defection from the Syrian military. The pathetic cowardly Brits with the bald lying clown Hague is just hurling accusations at Iran because the imperialist/Zionist agenda in the region is falling apart due to Russia, Iran, China and most of the Maghreb Arabs.

Even the Saudi pimps led by the arch pimp Saud al Feisal (the puppet FM) walked out of the Tunis pimp seminar yesterday since even the Arab block led by Algeria, Yemen, Lebanon etc blocked the Saudi efforts to arm the Salafi terrorists with heavy weapons. Considering the vulnerable internal situation of the Persian Gulf Arab pimps and their Turkish overlords, they should be careful as this overt support for terrorism against the popular and legitimate government of Syria is a double-edged sword. The CIA is finding out the cost of the blowback in Af-pak where alCIAda/Taliban is now biting their masters and ironically cooperating with US/Zionists on Syria. What a tangled web these pathetic wannabe imperialists weave. The Syrian government has totally stabilized the situation, hence the UK puppets accusations. How many weapons could an ageing supply ship deliver to the best armed Arab army in the Middle East? These hypocritical, cheating and lying Brit morons need to get a grip on reality.

Nader Uskowi said...

The new positions taken by the leaders of Hamas on Syria are worth noting: Ismail Haniyeh, the leader in Gaza, said at the sidelines of the Friday Prayer at Al Azhar in Cairo that: “I salute all the peoples of the Arab Spring countries and also the heroic Syrian people for their struggle for freedom, democracy and reforms.”

Another Hamas leader, Salah Al Bardawil, in a speech at Khan Younis refugee camp in Gaza, said: “The heart of Palestinian people aches at each drop of blood falling in Syria… No political calculations can force us to close our eyes on what is happening in Syria.”

Anonymous said...

now muslim brotherhood in egypt can take care of them; Iran can shift its position; Afghanistan is more important for us; but it is fun to look how the Conservatives in Iran manage this change in their view ...

Anonymous said...

How dreadfully unfair of that British person. None of the many thousands of Iranian-supplied missiles in Syria nor any of the many tons of other arms sent there by Iran is for Syria. The Syrians have weapons enough of their own.

All the multitude of Iranian weaponry in Syria is meant to go to Lebanon and free that country from the burdens of democracy and toleration of multiple religious views.

Anonymous said...

Since the enemies of Syria and humanity conclave in Tunis ended with absolute embarrassment for its US and Zionist sponsors. Perhaps the "Arab Awakening" should be arming the Shia of Qatif and the millions of freedom seeking bedouins in Hejaz, the corrupted name of Saudi Arabia, where a repulsive family of thugs installed by the west is fanning fundamentalism and is current darling of US and its EU poodles who sell billions of worthless weapons to these champions of Arab democracy and rip off their oil. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Pardon, monsieur Uskowi, you are putting too much faith in media reports, which is not prudent. It was just a few weeks ago that Ismail Haniyah was in Tehran and meeting Sayyed Ali Khamenei and stating with his hands on his heart that the Palestinians will never give up their armed freedom struggle from the Zionist usurpers. He also profusely thanks Iran for its support against the Zionist entity.

However, as noted by the original British manipulator of the Arabs, Major T.E. Lawrence, the Arabs are a petty fuedal who can bought for a goat fest in the tent. His "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" is the blueprint of US/UK and Zionist control of Arabs and sowing divisiveness in the region.

Ironically, it was the Turks and their Ottoman (Osmani) Empire that paid the heaviest price for British intrigues, even back then. It is even funnier that the Turks are again getting mixed up with the Arabs at the behest of their western masters. I guess Turkish pandering to the saudis gives new meaning to the Farsi adage Torki Khar. The last time the Turks got involved with the Arabs, particularly the bani-Hashem bedouins they lost their Osmani Empire. Perhaps, this time the Turks will lose their country to Arabs and Kurds.

Iran is doing the right thing in supporting Syria, but playing it cautious as you never know where the Arab "awakening" manufactured in Whiehall and Langley will turn next. It is the same Arabs who during jange tahmili, after being captured by Iranian forces would switch sides in a Jew York second and curse Saddam while waving photos of Khomeini and learning their first farsi words Dorood Bar Khomeini. Arabs will be Arabs and it is best not to put too much faith in what one Arab or the other says as the wind changes direction. Arabs are in for a long night of chaos and this will burn the US/Zionists and all the western manipulators. The Arab awakening will be a nightmare soon with a blowback that will make alCIAda look like a Oktoberfest in the desert.

attack on Iran said...

Nader, you are spot-on. Its extremely interesting that Hamas has essentially publicly sided with the anti-regime forces in Syria. I read an article recently about an Iran-Hamas split, whereby Hamas was hedging its bets and Iran was upset with Hamas for not clearly supporting the al-Assad regime. I wish I could remember now where I read this article, maybe it was in the NY Times.

Anonymous said...

So who's going to condemn the Brits for supplying weapons and intelligence to armed gangs terrorising the people???

This love affair with extremist Islamists will have a very negative blowback.They never learn!!!

Look at Afghanistan..It was basically a bunch of Western countries arming any Islamists group to fight against the Soviets..Now they're back in there fighting the same forces they helped to create.

Libya's now a broken/failed state..It will further be divided into mini states with no use.

It's not only Iran that's supporting Syria, Russia, China and many other countries are supporting Syria..The Brits are only taking their frustration on Iran because Iran is a convinient foe and also it serves their anti-Iran efforts..Will they be so open to criticise Russia, China about arms shipments?

All this just so Al-Qaeda and their associates can take power in Syria?? FAT CHANCE!!!

If Iran isn't sending weapons to Syria, maybe it's time Iran sends a massive cargo of weapons to Syria who's been a loyal ally of Iran during the dark years after the revolution when the West pushed Saddam to attack Iran.

Anonymous said...

Guys wake up to reality and smell the coffee beans the game is up for the Islamic theocracy.
Hamas has kindly shafted Iran by siding with the Syrian opposition and has proven like the Palestinians that sided with Saddam that the Arabs hold total contempt towards the hated Persians.
But despite all the truths in front of the regimes face they still ask for more helpings by pretending that the Iranian nation are brothers to all the Arab nations.Unfortunately for the Islamic regime the opposite is true and this has been proven in the past 1400 years that the Iranian nation hold no love towards these people and their culture and simply wish the mullahs to go away and leave our country alone so that they conduct their sordid business and oppression elsewhere among their Muslim brothers in Arabia where they naturally belong.

Anonymous said...

When Iran charged then its always the opposite.

Stranger said...

the only reason Iran inst supporting the Syrian uprising is because it has no choice when it is being threatened by attack from Syria neighbor Israel

that is the bottom line

Assad has repeatedly claimed he is secular and the opposition is Islamic , this kind of statements are obviously against Irans wishes for Syria

Anonymous said...

... and Amadinejad also says the holocaust never happened.