Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UAE Foreign Minister in Tehran

The UAE's Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahayan today made an unannounced visit to Tehran. An Iranian foreign ministry statement said Sheikh Abdullah and Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi discussed “regional matters and the need to reinforce economic and commercial relations.” [IRNA/AFP 29 February].

Most of the UAE's banks have stopped transactions with Iran since US and EU sanctions were imposed against Iranian banks. Iran imports from the UAE amounts to some $20 billion a year, or one-third of Iran’s imports.


Anonymous said...

It's OK let them come and smirk at the handy work of the mullahs.
Meanwhile the mullahs will "sell"oil to Pakistan (a country that cannot afford to buy peanuts)at favorable rates(code for dirt cheap)and receive their money(in their dreams)three months later(as if).

All this so that the regime can show that their oil sales are being maintained despite being given away for peanuts.
And of course paying the odd top Pakistani corrupt officials substantial backhanders.
Look where the hell has our country headed too.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:33 PM

That's right funny thing is the Iranian official went to Pakistan to try to sell Iran's oil cheaply to the Pakistanis instead of the Pakistanis coming to Iran and begging for oil.
Talk about ass about face when you have a resource rich country like Iran begging to a third world country like Pakistan to give away Iran's oil.

Anonymous said...

Iranians are learning a good lesson about their a** kissing of the west. They should have allied themselves with China and Russia all along.

Steve said...

Question to the audience:
Do you understand what it means, if "Iran imports from the UAE amounts to $20 bn a year, or one-third of Iran's imports", and all this UAE trade suddenly has no possiblity anymore to receive cash in return for those deliveries ?
You got it, all this $20 bn trade is gone at once and UAE businesses are incurring corresponding losses.
How long do you think all those UAE businesses engaged in trade with Iran will accept such an abysmal situation ?
To what lengths will they go, to restore that missing ability of receiving Iranian money as soon as possible ?

Anonymous said...

"Iranians are learning a good lesson about their **kissing of the west.They should have allied themselves with Russia and China all along."

Those people that rule Iran today are called Tazi not Iranian.
And practice what you preach and go and live in those countries including North Korea instead of living in the West and writing your hypocritical nonsense on Uskowi.

Anonymous said...

UAE is a mere errand boy for the US/zionist nexus of evil. This bedouin is scared as the glass cities built by South Asian slave labor will come tumbling down when the Shahabs and Sejils start flying and bedouins have to move back into tents. It is only a question of time when the "Arab Awakening" moves into UAE and the Arabian Hejaz peninsula hijacked by the imperialist installed al-Saud pimps and al-Nahyan camel jockeys.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:01 AM

I'm afraid that only happens in your very small mind.Iran's economy is in ruins with thousands of workers laid off.Oil is given away to countries like Pakistan for peanuts and the country is heading to bankruptcy yet you carry on with your senseless rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Actually Iran has FOREX reserves of over $150 BILLION and Gold over $118 BILLION and can buy most of deadbeat US and Eurotrash economies. Only thing going bankrupt is the deranged minds of Iran's enemies. LOL.

Also India and most of Asia has increased Iranian oil purchases for many GOLD and barter agreements. Also watch Putin's new assertive policies as Russians are ticked off at US/Zionist intrigues. Look out for new Iranian aircraft and missiles to be deployed soon.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:20 AM

Iran has no more $20 Billion in reserves.