Sunday, February 26, 2012

Russia Opposes Nuclear Weapons for Iran – Putin

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said today that Russia opposes Iran developing nuclear-weapons capability.

“We’re not interested in Iran becoming a nuclear power,” Putin said. “It would lead to greater risks to international stability.” [Bloomberg, 26 February].

Putin’s statement followed recent Kremlin declarations on the subject. On 15 February, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said the progess made by Iran’s nuclear program is “more alarming for Russia than for many other countries.” [Bloomberg].


Anonymous said...

First of all lets kick out the mullahs out of power who have their own interest at mind. Secondly build our country up as a democratic and economical military power. Then those ex Soviet states Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan will fall lock stock and barrel into our sphere of influence therefore getting back our stolen lands from these ex Tzarist and communist rapists and thief's.
The mullahs are Iran's natural enemy then followed by united rapists of Russia and that old foxy trickster Britain the mullahs masters.
Putin is happy to keep Iran as it is under the mullahs because he knows that no country in the Russian federation states would like to be a part of a federation with Iran because of the Islamic sharia laws that are imposed on the Iranian people.
Please note I said a federation with Iran I didn't say that Iran should be a federation but those states should be under the sphere of Iran's natural and historical influence.
If we follow this line and except that Iran without those stinking mullahs will be great then we are onto a winner and the Turks,gulf Arabs,Russians and those Chinese could go and stick their heads where the sun don't shine.

Paul Iddon said...

@ Anon 12:01 PM

I admire your spirited candor sir.

Anonymous said...

If Russia is genuinely opposed to Iran's nuclear weapons program then why Russia vetoed U.N. resolution against them?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:41 PM

Because Iran surrendered 37 percent of the Caspian Sea to the Russian federation therefore allowing these artificial states to exploit the mineral and energy rights that lies beneath the Caspian.
Also Khamenei is an KGB stooge that studied in Russia in the 1960s therefore Putin the gangster is very happy keeping Iran in a state of flux as long as it benefits Russia.
AS long as countries like Russia and China support that regime in Tehran the Iranian nation will play second fiddle to their whims and remain in a state of poverty hunger and no hope. Therefore rendering Iran to a never ending spiral of third world status and despair.
And that's why Russia and China veto's the West regarding Iran because the regime has sold Iran's property rights to these bloodsucking countries for toffees in return the mullahs can live on another day to suck Iran's blood a little further.

Anonymous said...

----If Russia is genuinely opposed to Iran's nuclear weapons program then why Russia vetoed U.N. resolution against them?----

Russia didn't.

the Russian veto wasn't on iran's behalf, friend.

they vetoed a resolution about Syria.

Anonymous said...

Syria... Iran, everyone knows Iran owns Syria, they are both the same when it comes to world terrorism. Russia is only concerned with Iranian oil and a port off Syria and they have sold their souls for this.

Anonymous said...

Even Iran opposes it.

Sometimes I wonder.... the news media seem to believe its own nonsense and takes it for real.

Iran Nuke power yes... nuke bomb no.

Israel has to be stopped, a bunch of irrational fanatics... liars and war mongers..

Bless Iran and all Iranians except the MKO.

TLAM Strike said...

Of course Russia opposes a nuclear Iran. They ran war games in the Caspian region last year aimed at defense against an attack from the south.


Chechens have tried to detonate a cesium-137 dirty bomb in Izmailovsky Park in Moscow in 1995 and again in 1998. They have succeeded in killed a many by more conventional means.

Just yesterday some people (reported to have been hired by the Chechens) were arrested for plotting to kill Putin.

We still don't know what substance killed the hijackers of the MV Iran Deyanat.

Yea if Islamists had slaughtered school children and airline passengers in my country then tried to kill my president and then an ISLAMIC Republic that borders my country keeps trying to develop nuclear technology I would be very opposed to it!