Saturday, February 11, 2012

33rd anniversary of Islamic revolution in Iran

Freedom Square, Tehran, Iran. 

Photo: Mohammad Azizi at Fars News Agency


mat said...

Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:46AM GMT

Millions of Iranians have staged massive rallies both at home and abroad to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

The demonstrations have kicked off in more than 1000 Iranian cities and towns as well as 5,000 villages across the country.

In the capital city, Tehran, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have since early Saturday been heading towards the iconic Azadi (Freedom) square, where President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is scheduled to deliver a speech.

Officials say more than 300 foreign and around 1500 Iranian correspondents will cover the celebrations, ceremonies and demonstrations.

This year's rallies are expected to be one of the greatest ever, as the event has coincided with the growing popular movements across the globe, including the ongoing Islamic Awakening in the Arab world, which according to many political observers are inspired by Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

Celebrations to mark the anniversary of the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution have also been held in other countries.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations indeed. The Islamic Republic has provided a popular governing model for the world despite all impediments by its pathetic enemies. LONG LIVE IRI.

Paul Iddon said...

I guess I'll be waiting in vain for Khomeini's descendent to give a riveting speech to this turnout about how his grandfathers revolution was a good thing for Iran and her people.

Oh well, there is always next year!

Anonymous said...

33 years ago a cardboard mullah arrived and brought with him.

33 years of lies.
33 years of thieving.
33 years of oppression.
33 years of imprisonment.
33 years of rape.
33 years of torture.
33 years of murder.
33 years of more lies to cover the lies.

This cardboard theocracy is collapsing because it's soaked in the blood of the Iranian nation.
Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

mat and Anon 8:00 AM....Since you people support this fascist theocracy from afar in the comfort of the west,why don't you lot go and live in Iran and pay $15.00 a kilo for meat?
People are starving in that country with no jobs or future and you people of non Iranian backgrounds support this regime of hyenas.
Go and sort your own problems out!

Anonymous said...

mat.....millions of Iranians??

There are 8 million Iranians abroad and 99.9 per cent hate the regime.

The remaining 75 million in Iran 95 per cent hate the regime.

Your left with 5 per cent,4 million people that might support this regime and out of them 1 to 2 per cent are dedicated supporters 40 to 80 thousand and mostly armed.

So millions mat?

Anonymous said...

get over with it and face the reality of the islamic revolution of iran that very soon would dominate the world of man not you or me can not do damm things about it face it how anger is usa and west plus israelhow disprate the low maker maked so much mistake by them and i got seek of same bs of west last 33 years of propeganda keep continue without understanding what the hell are fighting for what.(just power)

mat said...

Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:1AM GMT

Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has praised Iran as a “peace-seeking” country, in the face of increasing allegations by Western powers against Tehran’s peaceful nuclear program.

Yukiya Amano made the remark at a Friday ceremony marking the 33rd anniversary of the victory of Iran’s Islamic revolution at the country’s embassy in the Austrian capital of Vienna. The ceremony was attended by high-ranking Iranian and foreign diplomats.

The anniversary of founder of Islamic revolution Imam Khomeini's return to Iran on February 1, 1979, marks the beginning of the Ten Days of Dawn celebrations, which culminate on February 11 -- the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Amano held friendly talks with Iranian diplomats, including Iran's envoy to the IAEA Ali Asghar Soltanieh and Tehran’s Ambassador to Vienna Ebrahim Sheibani. Amano also congratulated both the Iranian nation and government on the anniversary of the triumph of the 1979 Revolution.

IAEA’s Deputy Director General Herman Nackaerts also attended the event. The presence of the agency’s top officials was interpreted by other diplomats as an important and positive sign with regard to Iran’s nuclear issue.

*Could this man be trusted?
The so-called U.N.(dependent world governing body), is no other than the Zionist/U.S.-controlled puppet, slave and fool playing tool which merely serve for the interests of its master. The whole world should and must be warned to beware of this man of tool.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:59 AM

I don't give a damn about the USA or Israel what concerns me is Iran.
If you think this regime is going to stay then I have a big surprise for you.
You people living in the west keep on believing the rubbish that spews out of the mouth of the corrupt regimes media.
The Islamic revolution was a failure.
What remains is a band of gangsters that are using religion to oppress the masses and line their pockets while the people are starving of hunger.
Nothing is invincible of such a regime but the exact opposite in fact.

Anonymous said...

That's right mat because the regime is busy at war against its own people that's why regime is seeking peace against other nations.

Anonymous said...

The country is a ruin and they are celebrating their achievements.

Anonymous said...

Long live the Iranian People!under the banner of Islam, Imam Khomeini
was right! I saw all the Millions of Iranians Celebrating on press tv today, believe you me, when I say I dont think they want to go back to the days of the shah, it appears to me that you anti-revolution Anons. should give up now and surrender to the revolution! because all your hopes and counter revolutionary dreams just died today!long live the Iranian Revolution!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:59 PM

You saw on Press TV !!??
For your information not more than 150 thousand people attended the celebrations in Tehran.
The TV can make a crowed of a thousand seem like 20 thousand people!
Usual bullshit propaganda from Press TV for gullible idiots to believe in.
What revolution buddy?
The people are wishing never to have had that "revolution" and are searching with a candle to find the Shah.You know absolutely nothing about Iran.
You have mummy and daddy to put the food in front of you and most likely live in the west.
You don't know what it is like to pay 15 dollars for a kilo of meat and pay 30000 rials for bread.Do you kid?
And far from it the cardboard regime looks really desperate and weak because the Iranian nation has disowned the tyrannical farcical theocracy in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

The exiled opposition are just pissed that the people actually support their government despite all the amount of money they've poured into pumping propaganda from VOA and BBC into the country over the years.

I'd suggest they find another job that actually bares results and stop their stupid dreams of ever gaining power in Iran.They had their chance with the Shah and blew it by shamefully being puppets of Washington.Iranians don't like being slaves to the "white man".If anything, Iranian civilization has been around long before the "white man" could even learn how to read or write.

Anonymous said...

Just some correction for the usual anti-Iran cretins whose only aim is to exaggerate and spread false perceptions on Iran. THE FACT IS THAT THERE ARE MERELY 3 MILLION "Iranians" in the diaspora. Yes 90% of these ran off when the Pahlavi parasites were overthrown in 1979. Second FACT: Iran's current population is 78-80 million so this is a very tiny percentage. Yes, about 900,000 Iranians (including 40,000 Jews and half a million Bahai clones) have immigrated since 1979 due to various reasons. Even in this tiny diapora, mostly in the US and West, there is widespread support for Iran and the popular Islamic Republic. The large turn-out in foreign cities during Iranian elections attests to that. In Toronto alone over 100,000 Iranians voted and mostly for Ahmadinejad. Perhaps the same support will go for Larajani in the next election.

MOST IMPORTANT FACT: Amongst the 77MILLION or more IRANIANS living in Iran, the IRI has active and latent support of at least 70% to 90% as the 2010 University of Maryland, Pew and global insight polls have revealed. The regime has die-hard support of about 60%, mostly in rural areas and the urban working classes of South Tehran and other major cities. Hence, NO DESIRE FOR STREET AGITATION. Even by massive CIA/MI6 and DGSE funding, Iran's enemies CAN NOT BRING OUT MORE THAN A FEW HUNDRED PEOPLE IN THE STREETS. That speaks volumes for the "opposition". IRI law enforcement is world class too.

There is no point being in DELUSIONAL state of affairs for the past 33 years. The FACT remains that the Islamic Republic has provided the most enduring revolution in the world that has large support base. Unfortunately, Iran also has about 15% of professional whiners and ranting whingers who would complin and bitch even if Imam Mehdi or Hosein themsleves took over.

The US based ranting out of touch "Iranians" really need a severe reality check. Iran is a powerful nuclear capable nation and nothing will change the popular IRI. As events will show Iran will keep on thriving and find its manifest destiny as a great nation with an illustrious 3000 year old history. The achievements of the Islamic Republic are too manhy to list. The most important one being INDEPENDENCE and GLOBAL SELF-RESPECT. The sytem will modify and endure with time and self-confidence. That is what the MAJORITY of Iranians prefer when they look at the US destabilized puppets around the region and the Persian Gulf. SO GET OVER IT & LONG LIVE THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC.

Anonymous said...

A toast to the Iranian people.
Proud, bright, intelligent and energetic, they manage to thrive despite having to overcome horrible, repressive governments as well as external threats.

May they continue to endure until better times

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:26 PM

No that's were your wrong little buddy the misguided people who went into the streets "blew it" when they supported that lying no good British puppet cardboard mullah.
When that maniac and no good charlatan came back he destroyed them and Iran.
You are a little stooge of the corrupt mullah mouth piece and need to go back to your low life puppet masters to receive your Sandist.

And to that Anon 7:15 PM...There are nearly 8 million Iranians abroad and 99.9 per cent of them hate that rotten lying stinking regime with every bone in their body.
You as the saying goes is a mozdor of the regime of bad liars and cheaters who cheat the Iranian people with your constant lies and torments.
This filthy Tazi cardboard regime of charlatans are in their death knell and are disowned by the majority of Iranians and will soon be buried but not forgotten because of their destruction of Iran and Iranian but not their soul.
And another thing those 77 million Iranians would press a button if they knew they could get rid of the low life theocracy within moments.
That crazy regime couldn't even muster 150 thousand people to come and celebrate the so called revolution.They had to bribe the poor souls to attend the party with Sandist.
And you say regime has support of the masses which only a Sandist khor like you might believe.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:30 PM......A toast to a regime that has managed to keep the Iranian people in hunger and poverty and no hope because of a few blood thirsty and corrupt greedy mullahs in power.
Yes it's easy for people like you to toast while you are sitting comfortably and enjoying the freedoms and plenty's of the West, truly hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:08 PM

The greatest source of anti regime opposition is the silent majority that lies within the country itself.
When the time arrives the regime will be swept aside like the dust that they are.
This my Iranian friend will soon be achieved by the Iranian people themselves knowing full well that the regime cares not for the well being of the nation that they claim to adhere too.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:15 pm
You joker global self respect you say??
I've got an Iranian passport and I saw what respect the immigration officer showed towards me and my respectful passport.
Who do you work for because I think you are a left over from Press TV.
Iranians have 000000 respect among the world community except from Sudan or Somalia.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Islamic republic of Iran, Iran is the best model for islamic govermen, mosad,cia and m16 try to persuade iranian to fight against their own govt not new to me, coz we heard it many times before, they use dirty trick coz they have no religion to fear of, diferent from iranian people with honor put God above all, long live IRI, God bless you, iam indonesian but iam no hesitate to help iranian, though only in a pray

Anonymous said...


When you say god bless the IRI it means to us Iranians god bless the IRI to steal and lie against the Iranian people.
When you say god bless IRI it means it's OK to rape and murder the Iranian people.
The IRI is a fascist theocracy hell bent on destroying true Iranian nation similar to NAZI Germany under Adolf Hitler.
The IRI is the true enemy of the Iranian nation.
And this is coming from an Iranian who served his country.

Anonymous said...

"Yes about 900000 Iranians (including 40000 Jews and half a million Bahia clones)have migrated since 1979 due to various reasons."

And do you know what those "various reasons" are?
Persecution by an ignorant and fascist arrogant theocracy.

Those "Bahia clones" are real Iranians.They are not cowards like you who hide behind a keyboard in the West and spew out their ignorant rubbish on the net.A luxury only allowed in a free country unlike the dirty theocracy in Iran that only imbeciles support.

The Jews of Iran are more Iranian than you will ever be because they are peaceful and industrious people that Iran will always need and will call back when that dirty anti human theocracy and occupier has been erased from our land for good.

The Bahia (more Iranian than you)Jews and Christians of Iran are the salt of our nation. A fact that you a ill educated and hateful backward zealot would never understand because I doubt you are even a real Iranian.

As long there are people like you with the same way of thought in Iran our country will remain a third world nation for decades to come.
God help Iran and its people from the likes of you.