Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Iran Demands UN Probe into Assassination of Nuclear Scientist

Iran submitted a letter to the UN Human Rights Commission demanding an investigation into the killing last Saturday of an Iranian nuclear scientist. Javad Larijani, the secretary general of Iran's High Council of Human Rights, blamed Israel and the West for the assassination of Daryoush Rezayienejad, who was gunned down outside his home in Tehran.

“The UN Security Council issues a resolution and makes a list of our scientists, then some terrorists who receive money from the CIA and the Mossad kill them. This is a very clear game and strong action should be taken about it," said Larijani in the letter [Fars News Agency, 27 July].

In the letter, addressed to Navi Pillay, the director of UNHCR, Larijani demanded an investigation into the killing of the scientist.

Larijani’s letter to UNHCR confirms the initial reports out of Tehran that the late Rezayienejad was indeed one of country’s nuclear scientists. On Sunday, Iran’s intelligence minister had denied Rezayienejad had any links to the country’s nuclear program and raised serious doubts that his assassination was the work of any foreign intelligence agencies.


Anonymous said...

Just more bullshorts trying to make some sort of claim that it's the IAEA's fault that some guy in Iran hot shot.
Building toward that day when Iran iis going to stop publicly pretending that their complying with the IAEA.

Anonymous said...

There still has to be a probe why not....

The west needs to have an eastern mostquito sting it, they start farting blood and request a probe.

Anonymous said...

In the eyes of the Americans and the first anon.. we always have issues like the JFK magic bullet.. that hits people 7 times instead of accepting the fact that it could have been a second shooter.

This is the same BBC announces the death 45 minutes prior to it having happened officially and then calls it ....

Don't forget UK Foreign minister did hint at going after Irans different scientists..

Anon 11:11 .. we really had a good healthy laugh at your terminology. Carry on :)