Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Iran Navy submarine returns alongside '14th Fleet'

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Reported from Islamic Republic News Agency:

Bandar Abbas, Hormuzgan Prov, July 5, IRNA – Iranian 'Younes' submarine has returned home at the end of its first international mission which was completed successfully, it was reported Tuesday.

Younes was sailing alongside warships belonged to the 14th fleet of the Iranian Navy, Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari told IRNA in this southern province.

Younes and its accompanying warships have returned home Monday after they successfully conducted maritime surveillance operations and identified the warships of other countries in international waters, he added.

They returned home following their nearly two-month-long mission in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

The Iranian submarine entered the waters of the Red Sea on June 7 and joined the 14th fleet of warships.

The deployment of Iranian military submarines in the Red Sea was the first such operation by the Iranian Navy in distant waters, Rear Admiral Sayyari said.

Iran Navy fleet expeditions are being provided with greater publicized exposure; this time with the inclusion of a returning Kilo class submarine. According to Captain Hossein Hariri, commander of IRINS Yunes:

"During the [66-day, 3800 mile] mission, all the systems optimized by the country's experts were successfully tested."

stated that the submarine and his crew succeeded in identifying and detecting a large number of the vessels during the course of its mission and recorded all radar and sonar specifications of these fleets.



Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency


Anonymous said...

It is good to see the Iranian KILO's are now completely seaworthy and the new KLUB missiles are operational and can be deployed in blue waters on sustained missions. However, Iranian navy needs serious upgrading with modern frigates and addition subs. Iran should be looking at modernizing older ships, like China is doing with the scrapped Russian aircraft carrier.

The fact is that Iran, by the sheer dint of its size, geography,natural resources and population is destined to be a major power (nuclear capability not withstanding) and thus has to have a sound ocean going BLUE WATER navy that can secure Iranian naval routes and maritime interests. The multi-polar Asia centric world will need a lot more self-sustaining military power projection capability. All major Asia nations like India, China and even Vietnam are investing in modern offensive navies.

China's rapid military and naval might would make it the strongest naval force in the region backed up by modern aircraft carriers, aircraft carriers destroying hypersonice missiles and robust maritime attack and surveillance capabilities. Even India is branching out in the Indian Ocean and building new bases at Andaman Islands close to the crucial Malacca Straits and world's eastern maritime trade and naval routes.

A country the size of Iran should be investing heavily in additional naval bases closer to Chahbahar (as envisaged in the 1970's) and have at least 2 dozen KILO class or the new diesel/electric models for long-range deployment. Iran's surface fleet also needs more frigates, landing craft/supply ships and perhaps a helicopter/LST type mini-carrier for deploying troops. Iran is quite capable of converting or building such a vessel. A dedicated maritime attack airforce is also essential for providing stand-off defence and air cover beyond the Persian Gulf. Iran's naval doctrine needs to look at operating in the Indian Ocean and beyond.

TLAM Strike said...

I'm assuming that the US Navy tracked it by the trail of Anechoic Tiles it left behind?

Half the tiles above the waterline on the port side appear to be missing!

@That other commenter, Iran does not have the N-27 Klub missile, one or two of its Kilos have been backfitted with two torpedo tubes capable of firing C-801 ASMs. That's all.

Anonymous said...

@TLAM Strike

Thank you, long lost son of Admiral Sayyari for knowing so much "detail" about whether Iran's Kilo's have KLUB SSM or not. I am sure the IRIN Naval Headquarters at Bandar Abbas send you a daily updated inventory of their weapons and logistics. LOL. Keep up the specultion, we need comedic relief as the world is in chaos.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the Iranian Navy when they are being governed by a bunch of pig headed vermin such as the Islamic regime.They are put in harms way to challenge the US Navy with their rust buckets.Personally I think only a insane person or a idiot little school boy on the internet believes that the US Navy could be challenged by this rusting fleet of junk.Believe me I love Iran but I am a realist and as you know you need a good air force for attack and cover of which Iran has none except for a few old fighters from the time of the SHAH and of course those anti ship missiles and few other things but remember the US has those and much more to send the unfortunate Iranian navy to Jupiter orbit and back.