Saturday, July 23, 2011

IRGC Commander Killed in Kurdistan

IRGC Brig. Gen. Abbas Asemi and five other officers were killed in a car explosion in the Iranian Kurdish city of Sardasht, near the Iraqi border. The city is the staging area for IRGC’s recent major offensive against PJAK militants.

"General Asemi of the Qom branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was killed along with five of his comrades in clashes with terrorist rebels of the PJAK in the Sardasht area," an IRGC statement said [Fars News Agency, 22 July].

General Asemi was believed to have been the most senior IRGC commander in the central city of Qom. It was not immediately clear why he was involved in clashes with PJAK in Kurdistan.

IRGC later confirmed that the casualties were the result of a car explosion.

"In recent clashes with PJAK in northwestern Iran, a car belonging to the Revolutionary Guards blew up and some members of the Guards, including Commander Asemi, were killed," the statement said [Fars News Agency, 22 July].

On Monday, IRGC announced that it had taken full control of PJAK military camps inside Iraqi Kurdistan. PJAK later denied the report and said it was involved in fierce clashes with IRGC in the border region.


Anonymous said...

Politically compatible or not, RIP.. children of Iran.

Lost their lives fighting for their country.

Anonymous said...

Anonym @4.00 AM

Hear! Hear!

Anonymous said...


Lets hope the Istaeli sponsored Terrorists have been torn apart for good.

6 Children of Iran, I like that.

anon 3.38, When Iran is in harms way militarily or threatend. We shall all rally around the flag regardless (unless a traitor a la MKO ).

The Royalists go on vacation and keep their mouths shut

Which do you belong to ?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ July 24 3.35 AM

The answer to your question my dear compatriot is:


Anonymous said...

I do not wish any bodies death really but what goes round comes round.The henchmen must have killed a few hundred Iranian patriots and god knows what else they done god will give their just desserts in the other world never the less god help their miserable souls.But it is very strange that six where killed I thought a truck carries at least 24 to 30 of the little devils so I assume it could have been a jeep.Maybe if they stopped sending Iranian money to Arabs they can afford to buy some proper equipment for the army oh sorry the IRGC thugs.God bless the real Iranian Armed forces not a bunch of mullah loving gangsters and traitors who think they are solders.