Thursday, July 7, 2011

Karun-4 Dam Inaugurated

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (above) inaugurates the Karun-4 hydroelectric dam on the Karun River in southwestern Iran. The dam, a concrete double arch structure, is the country’s largest concrete dam, 230 meters high, with a reservoir of 29 square kilometers (11 square miles). The dam will generate 1,000 MW of electricity. It was designed and constructed by Iranian engineers.

Photos: Karun-4 Dam Inauguration (6 July 2011), by Amir Kholoosi / ISNA


Anonymous said...

Very impressive structure and it is good to harness the water resources of Karun, it is Iran's only navigable river and runs almost 700 kms North then west flow through the Zagros and then South axis into Ahwaz and Persian Gulf delta. This dam will bring electricity and fresh water benefits to the Bakhtiari region. Another 3 dams have been contructed or under construction to provide extensive power grid for South-West Iran.

From a strategic historical perspective, Karun is also one of the natural defensive barriers of Iranian soil. During the Jange-Tahmili, the Iraqi invasion force was stopped dead in tracks at the Karun's Dez tributary.

Iranian combat engineers had complete mastery over fording the river at many strategic locations where topography gave advantage to the defenders, south of Dezful where its tributary is called Dez. A whole Iraqi corps was encircled and smashed to bits by IRIAF, Havanirooz (army aviation with (Cobra/Tows)and mobile anti-armor artillery.

These string of strategically located dams in diverse mountain and Sussan plain topography will also serve as a good defence perimeter on any potential western invasion route where historically most invaders have come through, from Alexander, Arabs to the Iraqis.

jimi said...

impresionate, por cierto que what´s it that signific USKOWI ON IRAN, discculpa no hablo ingles pero visito todos los dias tu pagina pqra ver que novedad hay sobre el pais de los persas. me intriga como iran poco a poco se van haciendo autosuficientes el el campo militar.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I thought the Iranian government lives in the 12th century and don't care about the welfare of their own people - no???? At least that what we're conditioned to believe by mainstream western propaganda outlet. According to them, Iran is not capable building things like this. Good work Iran, never let the western world dictate you future.

Anonymous said...

According to the "Anonymous" who likes to criticize Amir Taheri's articles, this dam is deficient because it was built without paying an exorbitant amount of money to multiple Western contractor to do overpriced and shoddy work, that would not perform to specifications and would require far more to be expended on repair bills than otherwise. Not to mention the undesirable fact that Iran is not billions of dollars in debt to the IMF and Western governments to obtain the money to pay those Western contractors for its construction.