Thursday, July 28, 2011

Treasury Accuses Iran of Aiding al-Qaeda in Pakistan

US Treasury Department today accused Iran of facilitating an Al Qaeda pipeline that routes cash and recruits across Iranian territory into Pakistan, the Washington Post reported. The Treasury asserts that a known al-Qaeda operative, Ezedin Abdel Aziz Khalil, was permitted to move large sums of cash originating from countries in the Middle East as well as recruits through Iran into Pakistan. He has been reportedly working in Iran since 2005 and has ties with Iranian government officials, the Treasury report claims.

“By exposing Iran’s secret deal with Al Qaeda, allowing it to funnel funds and operatives through its territory, we are illuminating yet another aspect of Iran’s unmatched support for terrorism,” said David S. Cohen, the Treasury Department’s Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial intelligence [Washington Post, 28 July].


Anonymous said...

Another load of crock of desperate US Zionist led daily rants against Iran. Just look at the name of the author of this latest Iranophobic " Treasury report". David S Cohen is taking direct orders from Zionistan and blaming Iran for all sins of omission and commission under the sun.

The fact is that US/Zionist agenda in Af-Pak has gone awry and the pathetic sanctions regime against Iran has totally collapsed along with the deadbeat US economy. The lost war in Afghanistan is now literally bleeding the US to death and it has to blame someone as the Afghan resistance has now spread to the Northern non-Pashtun areas.

Secondly, there is a total realignment of Pakistani policies with growing anti-Americanism and increasing cooperation with Iran. Recently a large delegation of Pakistani Sunni ulema (mullahs) visited Qom and reaffirmed their unity with Shias, much to the chagrin of US and Saudis. Another interesting point is the US-Saudi support for Iraqi alCIAda wahabbi terrorists in Iraq as a failing counter to Iranian influence (good report in Asia Times).

This new Zionist slander against Iran is part of the financial and military/political psy-war against Iran. The US is now too weak and bankrupt to take on Iran directly so they are going for all out destabilization, typical of all dying empires. The emperor has no clothes and is a deadbeat loser with a $15 TRILLION debt and the worthless dollar is no longer a global currency.

The Zionists led the US down the garden path with two LOST WARS that have ruined the US economy and turned it into a global joke. The lost war in Af-Pak is now costing $5 billion a week in just direct military theatre costs, not to mention the externalities. The Chinese and Asians are no longer willing to lend money to the US beggars. Russia is also playing an active role in improving relations with Iran and facilitating the nuclear issue. The US is now a sidelined loser just ranting as power completely shifts to Asia.

This latest Zionist Iranophobic tirade just shows US desperation as its sinks into the dustbin of history.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 7:43 PM,

You have said a lot but have not addressed the core issue here. Do you have information indicating Ezedin Khalil is not an Al Qaeda operative and does not reside in Iran? Could Iran have possibly facilitated transfer of cash/recruits to Al Qaeda in Pakistan to put pressure on the US? Or do you think Treasury has made up all these to discredit the Iranian government?

Anonymous said...

What kind of asshat says that because a name's name is Cohen, he's a liar?

Shame on you and your bigoted bullshirt. You're just the type of defender that Iran doesn't need.

Nobody needs that type of sad crap.

Anonymous said...

Nader, AlCIAda is a CIA creation since they funnelled weapons and aid to the Afghans in the "Jihad" against USSR in the 80's. Now the same Saudi-US/Zionist axis is in a desperate anti-Iran psy-war, financial assault and low intensity war with assassinations of scientists, funding PJAK, Jundollah etc.

I am not sure how familiar you are with Iranian politics and Qom thinking in real world, but let me tell you that "supporting" a Saudi-CIA idealogy of "alCIAda" would be a total anathema to the Shias of Iran. Even if you look at Iraq, the US-Saudis and Zionists are now in a defacto alliance with the Sunni clans who previously made up the so-called Zarkawi's Iraqi alCIAda. The Shia resistance to US occupation of Iraq is now also being blamed on Iran and Muqtada's Mehdi army.

The appointment of 6 Jews led by this cretin David S Cohen at the top of the US Treasury's anti-Iran efforts and failing sanctions regime speaks volumes about the direction of desperate US Iranophobia.

Now let's look objectively at Iran-US cold war (including terror attacks on Iran). The US has funded anti-Iran, Saudi sponsored terror groups like Jundollah and Kurdish separatists. Just last week an Iranian nuclear scientist was killed in Tehran. SO WHY WOULD IRAN SUPPORT A RABID WAHABBI IDEOLOGY TOTALLY OPPOSSED TO IRAN & SHIAS?

If you analyzed all the acts of terror against Iranians in the past 33 years, they have all emanated from Saudi, US and Zionist supported groups. Even the MEK terrorists at camp Ashraf are under US protection and their leadership in Paris.

All the Wahabbi groups in Pakistan are funded by CIA/Saudis, these include all the so-called ever name changing Lashkars and Sepah e Sahabbas. In Pakistan there have been over two dozen Wahabbi terrorist attacks on Iranians (diplomats, IRIAF cadets, Cultural Centres) and against the Tehrik e Jafaria (Shia organizations). The same CIA supported groups in the guise of "Taliban" attacked Iranian diplomats in Afghanistan and Pakistan, specifically the murder of 8 diplomats in Mazar e Sharif and murder of the cultural attache in Peshawar.

This new US allegation against Iran and its supposed support for alCIAda is beyond ridiculous. In reality Iran has protected the US occupation forces in Afghanistan by securing the western flank. It was the IRGC that supported Ahmad Shah Massoud's Tajik-Hazara Northern Alliance against the mostly Pashtun Taliban and their Arab-Wahabbi Jihadist allies including the so-called mythical Osama who even in his supposed death is more of a myth than the Simorgh.

This absurd allegation is just another attempt to demonize Iran for US failures. If Iran really wanted to support the Afghan resistance there are more effective and direct means to do so considering the US plight in the region. All these daily Zionist tirades just show how desperate Iran's enemies are. Nothing new here but expect even more ludicrous claims by US and its Zionist henchmen as their regional quagmire becomes worse and the "Arab Spring" and Libyan oil plunder unravels.

I am shocked that they have not claimed that Iran is funding Ghaddafi and was also supporting the Christian-Zionist Islamophobic evangelicals creating mayhem in Europe?

Let's keep things in perspective.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, Mr. Uskowi, this so call Ezidin Khalil, is probably a former CIA Alqaida agent gone rouge. the American CIA created Alqaida.
Their can be no doubt in that.
Even if the Article is true which I doubt very seriously! this is all due to their own brand of home grown racist foreign Policies against People of the middle east. Now The USA, along with their Zionist masters, shall suffer from the Karma that they've sown!

Anonymous said...

the really usa and zionist get to death end of them political game that is clear action of desprate move since iran strick the heart of pjak which funded by usa and zionist the morall of them clapse so what iran is telling to gavernment of iraq to bring you force in the border to secure all the area that mean iraq may gain his teretory back again after 1992 lost to kurdish on simy ottonomy area that why usa and zionist lost the control of this border this is last obtion may have in the face of the word to say some thing may other to believe.

Anonymous said...

Remember how Iraq was smeared with AQ ties and association with 9/11 as one of the pretexts for OIF?

Now we have Iran smeared with AQ ties.

This, while OBL was shielded for years by the Pakistanis inside Pakistan, near a Pak military facility.

I guess this kind of thing worked so well on we Americans the first time against Iraq, why not use it again against the Iranians, right?

Anonymous said...

You know the US is really desperate when they begin to make foolish accusations as this.

First it was Leon Panetta accusing Iran of killing US troops in Iraq by sending IED technology to Irai resistance - as if Iraqis are so stupid they need Iranian tech just to make an IED - what insult to Iraqis?? And now this?

What next? It's Iran's fault that the US is in $15 TRILLION debt with no end in sight?

AIPAC will surely destroy America.

Anonymous said...

alqaeda is against Assad and they are religously incompatible with Iran..and etc.

this kind of rubbish said about aid of Iran is only for the overweight silly Americans on the Couch that can't add 1+1 if their lives were depending on it.

no need to discuss.. this is another invented issue to make a case for the future war.

Don't bother and get ready for the bloody war... its either Israel or Iran.. there is not much space for any other issue anymore.

Anonymous said...

Nader. You just can't help yourself, can you?

You are asking Iran to prove negative.

It's the US that's accused Iran and it's the US that needs to provide evidence.

And according to they haven't presented any evidence for this or for that matter any other accusation levied against Iran (killing US troops, nuclear weapons etc)

Anonymous said...

Why would the US hand such an important position foreign policy position to Zionists?

Nader Uskowi said...

TheDonkeyInThe Well,

I am not asking Iran to prove negative. i am asking a commentator to comment specifically on the content of the post, and not just posting slogans that can be used on any posts and on any blogs!

Anonymous said...

Anon July 28, 2011 9:45 PM--- is the kind of ugly fool who writes

---"The appointment of 6 Jews led by this cretin David S Cohen at the top of the US Treasury's anti-Iran efforts..."----

as some kind of proof of bigotry in the US, rather than proof that the ugliness is in the head of the person who wrote that.

again, an ashhole deciding that US citizens who might be Jews aren't fit to serve the US.

this stuff keeps cropping up from people on this site from people seeking to defend the iranian regime.
how about using facts to defend things, rather than spreading bullshirt that all Jews just have to be lying.