Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Russia Proposes New Plan on Iran Nuclear Talks

Russia today proposed a "step-by-step" approach in resolving the Iranian nuclear impasse. Under the plan, Iran would take steps to address the IAEA concerns and be rewarded with a gradual easing of sanctions. The proposal, described by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, seeks to revive negotiations over the country’s nuclear program.

"The response to each specific step of Iran would be followed by some reciprocal step, like freezing some sanctions and shortening the volume of sanctions," Lavrov said at a news conference with US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in Washington [Reuters, 13 July].

The Russians are reportedly pushing to resume talks between Iran and the six world powers in Moscow in the week of July 25.


Anonymous said...

Alas, the Americans are pushing back on the idea. No big surprise, they previously led the Brazilians and Turks on, encouraging them to try for a Tehran Declaration in 2010 when they assumed they would fail, only to backslap them down when they succeeded.

Anonymous said...

they'll be new talks when the Iranians tire of singing the same old songs about how no one respects and understands them and when they tire of warbling out the same old ambiguities about what they might or might not be willing to maybe do in some future time, pending approval from the Ayatollah and in return for immediate concessions from everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Russia is well aware that the "sanctions" have failed miserably and Iran is unbowed and increasingly satnding tall with confidence. With the US predicament worsening in Af-Pak and increasing India-Pakistan tensions, Iranian economic and geo-strategic importance to both Russia, China and even India will grow. Iran is now the undisputed kingmaker in South-West Asia.

Russia is also looking at its own economic interests vis a vis Iran and the growing clout of the SCO. It will be interesting to see how much a spoiler role the declining US can play in the now certain IP (Iran-Pakistan) pipline project which is now bi-lateral as India is out. A good analysis in Asia Times gives an accurate description of weakening US situation regarding Iran, largely due to US economic collapse as well the long-term consequences in the aftermath of its defeat in Afghanistan.

All the regional players are quite aware of Iran's importance to their future as the sun permanently sets of a still-born pax or pox Americana.

Anonymous said...

Sorry old chap but Russia is not aware of your farcical fairy-tales about Iran.

Russia has tried to play the middleman before and help the Iranian government out of the hole that they insist on deepening and latest attempt is anything but proof that the sanctions AREN'T working.

If that were true, there would be no need for the offer to help ease the burden that Iran is carrying.

Anonymous said...

Just like the Turks went against the recent sanctions and are now looking after their own interest, the Russians also see the same thing happening here.

If the US rejects Russia's new plan as they did the Turkey-Brazil one, then the US will be exposed for what they're truly after. Mind you Russia has lost billions in trade,not just with Iran, due to the US approach and are beginning see the futility of going along with the whole sham in the first place.

Lets face it, everybody involved in this game is tired of going back and forth with no concrete result as Iran has said repeatedly that she's not backing down. The one that came close to a deal, Turkey-Brazil, was immediately shot down by the US and somehow convinced the Russians and Chinese to go along with a watered down version of sanctions. The Russian's and Chinese later realized they've been hard-done-by by the US further imposing unilateral sanctions which indirectly affected their interest as well. The Turks and Brazilians made their point known by voting against the sanctions, much to the dismay of the US. The US's approach is very dangerous in that it's making Iran more and more radical and if pushed too far can/will decide to go "ballistic",which nobody will like the outcome - if you know what I mean. ;-)

One can fairly say the US's now maneuvered herself into a corner here.If they reject Russia's plan (which they will), they can kiss Russia and China's support for the UN sanctions goodbye or forget about their help with the nuclear issue altogether.

Lets do some analysis here. The last sanction targeted Iran's importation of refined fuel.Within months, Iran's managed to up their refinery capacity and now a net exporter of fuel to her neighboring countries. They've also managed to increase their output of 20% enriched uranium and say they're going to triple the output with the brand spanking new facility if Fordow with much faster centrifuges.These are hard facts on the ground although it has come at some cost, financially. Need I say more?

The Russian's want out and I believe a lot of the others involved in this game feel the same apart from the US. A recent article on jpost ( ) says it all. The US basically fears this recent Russian plan WILL reduce their leverage on Iran - as if there were any.

Annon July 13, 2011 9:25 PM and July 14, 2011 12:46 AM. Please don't let your hatred for IRI get in the way of critical thinking and analysis. If you have nothing else to say here other than trolling, I'm sure you'll find many friends on yahoo troll centre.

Anonymous said...

The USA has no balls to stand up to AIPAC.

AIPAC has so much dirt on all US politicians, which would be released once anyone dares side with Iran.

as an example.... Sen. Lieberman screwing McCains wife... or some other...

Those (Politicians) who have been shot down.. you know of ... I mean simply look back into the last 15 years... all the scandals and illegit relationships... etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Interesting powershift at play in the region. Pakistani President Zardari is visiting Iran on a sudden visit as their relations with US hit rock bottom. BTW, Zardari is a Shia as well as 25% of Pakistani population who are more pro-Iran than any others in the region, despite the alCIAda fanned Wahabbism in Pakistan.

The whole US failed strategy is unraveling after their defeat in Af-Pak.

Iran's real soft-power and strategic thinking is coming into play and Russia knows it too.

Just remember Persians invented Chess.

Anonymous said...

What kind of crap is this "Iran is a net exporter of fuel to its neigbouring countries" ! ?
The Iranians in Iran's major cities can not breath the polluted air courtesy to the Mullahs and thier "increased production of Petrol" !
Get real and stop your lies and propaganda !

Anonymous said...

Chess was invented in India not Iran (Persia).
By the way Mullahs are (Used to) be against Chess. Don't you remember your 13:th Imam's fatwa about it ?!

Anonymous said...

Russia is only trying to save the west its face.

If The west accepts, then maybe we could move on...

Israel and their AIPAC people can only push the USA that far... i mean AIPAC has cause the US to bankrupcy.. so whatelse could they possibly do more to damage the US.