Sunday, July 10, 2011

Iran-IAEA to Resume Talks on Iran Nuclear Program

Salehi to Meet Amano on Tuesday in Vienna

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Asghar Salehi will meet IAEA Director Yukiya Amano on Tuesday 12 July in Vienna. The talks between the UN nuclear watchdog agency and Iran have been stalled recently after IAEA publicly raised questions regarding possible military dimensions of the Iranian nuclear program. Sahlei-Amano meeting is seen as a serious attempt in resumption of talks between the two sides.


Anonymous said...

All these meetings are a build up to war... it will be a repeat of allegations and not accepting the explanations...

Human rights allegations of unprovable content..(like the Syrian lesbians)

The ridiculously high defense budget in the USA.

The bullshit Mullen started giving from himself.

The constant holocaust documentaries in European TV.

Attack Tanks to Saudis (actually an excuse to transport them to the region !)..

Iran should really go for the..... and not waste time..

Its either this 12 day old phenomena called "Israel" or Iran in that region. Israelis have brought the matter to this extent..

and some of you anti Iranian Iranians... should choose where you shall stand in life.

Anonymous said...

This is the usual Zionist/AIPAC pressure tactic to keep the Iranian "nuclear issue" on the boil.

However, considering the US predicament and quagmire in the whole wider Muslim world now, a direct suicidal military confrontation with Iran would even be beyond their insane goals. US economy is in tatters, its debt is now worse than Greece and its paper-tiger military is facing multiple fronts and sucking up massive resources.

Iraq is also heating up again and the the Anglo-French war for Libyan oil is not going well and sucking in the US military more and more.

The Saudis are corrupt and cowardly but not totally crazy,all their policies only one aim: SURVIVAL OF THE HOUSE OF SAUD. They know that a war with Iran will spell doom for the degenerate House of Saud, already facing internal unrest and Shia clamour for freedom within the eastern oil producing provinces.

In any case, there is no direct land border with Iran and 200 German Leopard tanks are of no strategic use, unless they invade Iraq first and then like crazy Saddam come through Khuzestan. The US and Europeans have already sold the Saudis over $250 billion worth of downgraded weapons since the 70's and that has barely made a dent in their overall military capability. The have a fuedal factionalized "military" where uneducated bedouins are selected and promoted on the basis of tribal loyalties and their allegiance to the al-Saud clan and the Wahabi clerical nexus.

Considering the drubbing the Saudis took at the hands of the Zaidi Shia in Yemen, I don't believe that they are in a position to take on Iran in a land war where logistical supply lines would extend over 1500 kms or more, and totally exposed to missile attacks, small group ambushes, Iraqi Shia opposition, and vulnerable to Iranian air attacks, not to mention the natural defenses of Zagros and Iran's rugged mountaineous terrian along with overwhelming superiority in manpower, military quality and multiple means of retaliation.

Anyone who has been to Saudi Arabia knows full well that the bedouins have a hard time changing a flat tire, let alone keep hundreds of tanks and APC in the field over thousands of kilometers. Even the US military is crying uncle in Afghanistan due to these logistical nightmares.

Saudis and the Persian Gulf Arabs depend on US and western mercenaries for survival, so any conflict with Iran will take on a western dimension and with the current economic and social plight of the US and EU, it don't believe that even the AIPAC/Zionists would be that delusional.

Most importantly, any war against Iran will not remain contained and will consume the whole of Persian Gulf and Zionist entity itself. The Zionist conflict with Hezbollah in 2006 was a taste of the future. Fighting Iran is unlike killing innocent unarmed Palestinians in Occupied Palestine. The consequences of a regional conflict and the devastation of the global energy markets and collapse of world economy is even beyond the pale of speculation.

This type of crude pressure on Iran is just part of the US/Zionist strategy to keep the focus of Iran as it is the only nation in the region that has kept its independence and stifled US attempts at a "color coded" regime change. The sanctions and economic pressure is part of this "containment" strategy developed by AIPAC and the neo-cons since the Bush era and now Obama is just continuing the same largely ineffective policy.

Despite all these US/Zionist efforts, I firmly believe that they will be unable to reverse Iranian national will or policies. It is just a game now as the US overall global position worsens by the hour. The most pressing US disaster in in Af-Pak which will remain the major headache for the retreating and bankrupt US empire for the near future. The desatbilization in the Arab world does not auger well for the US/Zionists either, since once the genie is out of the bottle it is hard to predict the consequences and blowback.

Anonymous said...

Not gonna help anyone.

Iran will explain and US/Israel/ IAEA shall refuse.

US defence budget ?
Attack tanks to the Arab peninsula ?
Iraq and Afghan deadlock.

face it...
They are getting ready for a war, so should Iran... its time for another 5 to 8 years of sacrifise for Iran. Until they give up and go away for a few decades.

Anonymous said...

You have started to believe your own nonsense about the Mullah's military might! The US and Europe are militarilly and financially doomed but the Islamic Republic with copied 1960's missile Technology, copied T54 tanks, an airforce with 45 year old F4 and F5's and a few 40 year old F14 A's will beat the hell out of the vastly superior Nato forces around Iranian Territory. Now this is being delusional. Time to wake up!

Anonymous said...

Anon July 11, 2011 11:14 AM. Is it the reason NATO is "winning" in Libya right now? Remember, Obama said this will take "days not weeks".An this is Libya we're talking about. A country with almost no army.

Please, stop watching too much Hollywood movies and look at the facts on the ground. NATO has used all weapons in its arsenal except nukes in Afghanistan and Iraq yet they still can't hold it. They've flown thousands of sorties in Libya already with no tangible results.

"The US and Europe are militarilly and financially doomed but the Islamic Republic with copied 1960's missile Technology, copied T54 tanks, an airforce with 45 year old F4 and F5's and a few 40 year old F14 A's will beat the hell out of the vastly superior Nato forces around Iranian Territory"..I like that and I really hope you're right. But NATO's performance in recent conflicts is contrary to that assertion.

1960's missile technology, huh? I really wish you were at the receiving end of one them so you can tell us how it feels.Oh damn it, you won't be alive to tell the tale.

Anonymous said...

Waste of time !