Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shah of Iran 1974 interview

An interesting interview from the Shah of Iran circa 1974 in which he talks about Iran's relations with the United Kingdom.

For a six and a half minute interview segment in retrospect this clip is fascinating as a lot of topics discussed are still very relevant today.

For example;

- The reliance of the western powers on Middle Eastern oil in light of the 1973 oil embargo.

- The fact that (in hindsight nearly amusing) the western economies would eventually 'blow up' as people didn't work enough and try to get too much money for the little work done (which sounds a lot like the pretext for the current worldwide economic crisis).

- The inflated prices the west sell their arms for to oil producing monarchies in the region.

From Britain Iran brought primarily Chieftain tanks and warships in the mid to late 1970's

But for me the most interesting part was the Shah's conclusion that there was no great demand in his country for democracy, when the Iranian Revolution started in late 1978 it was clear the Iranian people at the very least wanted serious reforms as they had reason to fear for their safety at the hands of the dreaded SAVAK if they spoke out against or openly criticized the monarchy.

Also the Shah was clearly alienated from the majority of the uneducated masses living outside of the larger cities as evident by the manner in which he organized the 2,500 year celebration of the Persian Empire in Persepolis where royalty from around the world were invited to enjoy a lavish celebration and spectacle that was planned, organized and carried out predominately by western contractors rather than the indigenous Persians themselves.


Anonymous said...

That is exactly why Iran needs to look for partners outside of Europe.

Anonymous said...

The dirtiest sandal is still too good for this mans face. What a lowlife.

Anonymous said...

I too am a republican, but he was the king of an occupied, torn apart, illiterate and hungry nation.

He did what he thought was best, but he forgot his people and his roots.

He forgot his culture (as a whole) his pre-Islamic romantic nationalism was ok but ... too much at some points.

What runs in Iran, like it or not is the reflection of what is wanted by the majority. Those of us who had problems with the kind of education,social approach, cultural developments... left and live outside.. and have no right to tell the Iranians (lengesh kon)

Bless Iran, leave the Shah and his likes to history... they shall never come back (thank God)but don't insult the dead ,its beneath an Iranian

Anonymous said...

chaghadar een engeleesehah porru boodan. alan keh heechee neestan. amah 50 saleh peesh donyaroh manage meekardan.