Monday, April 25, 2011

Iran Rejects IMF Report on Economic Growth

Iranian Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Shamseddin Hosseini today rejected the latest IMF forecast on Iran’s economic growth, calling it “illogical and surreal.” The International Monetary Fund had reported earlier that Iran's economic growth in the year 2011 will fall to zero percent.

“The figure released by the International Monetary Fund is mostly based on the assumption that the West's measures against Iran have affected our economy,” Hosseini said [ISNA, 25 April].

Hosseini did not offer his own forecast on the country’s economic growth rate. Since 2009, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has stopped publishing its annual reports on the country’s economic growth rate, making the IMF reports the only source of information on the actual and forecasted growth rates.


Anonymous said...

How stupid, anyone with the slightest knowledge of the ABC of Economics, would knowthat energy exporting countries have at least a3 to 6 growth.. even if they dont produce anything else, which in Irans case I strongly doubt.

BBC Word service,IMF, IAEA and Fox news are elements to be doubted when it comes to Iran are not to be taken seriously

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous, you really deserve the Nobel prize in economy for your thorough analysis.

Thruth is, mismanagement can lead to devastating effects for an economy, even with natural resources. Try reading about oil rich african countries and find out who the "stupid" really is...

You're ready to cast doubt over BBC, IMF, IAEA but not on your own ignorance: that's the very proof of ignorance.