Friday, April 22, 2011

Israel and US Bases Within Range of Iran Missiles - IRGC

IRGC Commander Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari

Israel and American military bases in the Middle East is all within the range of Iranian missiles, says IRGC Commander, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari.

“Although we are capable of increasing the range of our missiles, we don't think it would be necessary because today our semiregional enemy -- the Zionist regime (Israel)-- is within the range of our missiles,” Gen. Jafari said. “As for the American forces -- if they were to back Israeli threats -- they would be closer to us than them and would be within the range of our firepower as well,” he added [Fars News Agency, 22 April].

Photo: Fars News Agency


Anonymous said...

after all the aggresive threats from the reps of the states and Gates next t0 Mullen and the rest of the terror gang, this was not exactly a threat.

was a little warning, without style.

Anonymous said...

and where are the news?

Anonymous said...

US, Israel and others are all well within range of Iran so why is this even news? They have nukes in the Persian Gulf for petes sake. Its funny how the US, Israel, drop bombs all over the region routinely. (Lets not forget about the nuking of Japan) but if someone has a firecracker pointed at them it becomes a news story? Hilarious

Mark Pyruz said...

This is actually an official confirmation of my own past analyses, where I stated that Iran is not focused on building an ICBM, exactly for the reasons Jafari outlines as well as a few other reasons.

Anonymous said...

Why does the IRI insist on treating Israel as an enemy? If they leave Israel alone, the Israelis will leave the IRI alone.