Saturday, April 9, 2011

Iraqi Security Forces Attack MKO Camp, Killing and Injuring Hundreds - UPDATE

UPDATE: Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi today praised the brutal attack by Iraq’s security forces on Camp Ashraf. The raid “needs to be praised,” he said.

“Under the Iraqi constitution, no terrorist group can use the Iraqi soil as a base to operate against neighboring countries," Salehi added [AP, 9 April].


Iran’s opposition group Mujahedeen Khalq Organization (MKO) reported today that 31 of its members were killed, and over 300 injured, during an assault by Iraqi security forces on their camp north of Baghdad. The videos released from the raid are reminiscent of the brutalities of Saddam Hossein’s security forces, showing armed soldiers shooting unarmed Iranians trying to flee from the scene. Iraqi officials, again not unlike the days of Saddam, claim that their forces shot the residents in the camp after they provoked them, a narrative rejected by witnesses telling their stories on YouTube videos.

Camp Ashraf is a sprawling settlement near the Iranian border housing some 3,000 Mujahed militants. The Iranian government has been running a long campaign against the MKO, accusing them of being a pro-US terrorist organization. The MKO is infamous for its support of Saddam during the eight-year Iran-Iraq war.

But the MKO consider itself the leading opposition force against the clerical rule in Iran and accuse the Iranian government of brutality against their members and sympathizers, including the execution of hundreds of their supporters throughout the years.

The Iraqi government of Nouri Al-Makiki now appears to do the work of the Iranian government and is determined to expel the group from Iraq or otherwise annihilate them.


Anonymous said...

This is the usual fate of traitors and backstabbers. They sided with crazy Saddam and inflicted a lot of pain on Iranians and must now suffer the same fate as their foreign puppeteers. I would seriously doubt it if there was a single Iranian who has any sympathy for these criminals and terrorists. Hopefully, the Iraqis would hand them all over to Iran so they can face the real music.

Corrupt Maryam and Massoud are living a life of luxury in Paris at little Zionist Sarkozy's expense while these brainwashed minions are feeling the wrath of Iraqis.

Anonymous said...

Is this blog turning into a shahi and MKO backing one?

Anonymous said...

who are people mujahidin ?
Sadam hussein Iranian Mercenary

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't understand why still they think they can come back to Iran and form something



Anonymous said...

Nader, there are Iranian offers of repatriation for the vast majority but these terrorists (they remain classified as such) are defiant.

Can you blame the Iraqis for wishing to resolve this matter, by force if necessary?

Do you sympathize with the MKO terrorist group?

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 11:21 AM,

The concept of defending someone’s human rights or some group’s fundamental rights without necessarily agreeing with their politics is an established concept. You don’t need to be a “shahi or MKO”, as you suggest, to defend their members’ human rights and oppose the fascistic tactics used by Al-Maliki’s security tugs to kill them in cold blood.

Anon 9:18 PM,

My opposition to the Iraqi tactics was not because they were offering repatriation for MKO members, but their cold-blooded murder of their members in an act to eliminate a political problem through brutal force.

Anonymous said...

We have these MKO buggers here in our country too (not many but a few dozen), they are simply very desperate people.

They use photos of Afghan children photos even in their traditional clothings , hungry and begging and visit every shop in the city and collect money for the hungry children of Iran.

depending on what shop, they tell different stories.

They betray and sold Iran and now they are shameless.I am ashamed of them bein called Iranian opposition. I call them (MKO) the only Iranian terrorists hat exist.

don't want to know where these money goes to !!

Anonymous said...

Since when do Terrorists have rights in this world?

The U.S., Britain and rest of the world will drop a bomb and vaporize an entire village in Pakistan if it is even, "suspected" of harboring terrorists. MKO is a "proven" terrorist organization having conducted numerous terrorist attacks inside Iran. They additionally killed innocent civilians during the uprising in Iraq, killing Shia and Kurds. Iran and Iraq are treating them far more humanely than any western government would. Since the MKO leadership is in France and the EU and US are so concerned for their welfare then why dont they give them asylum? The reason why they dont is because they are just using the MKO like a cheap prostitute to feed them information on Irans nuclear program. As soon as they are no longer able to provide that their western backers will drop them like a bag full of bricks and let them die just like they abandoned the Afghans, the Shia, the Kurds, the list goes on and on and on...

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 5:05 AM,

And I thought Iran was against “dropping a bomb and vaporize an entire village in Pakistan if it is even ‘suspected’ of harboring terrorists,” as you are seemingly doing here. These tactics should be opposed if used in Pakistan, but praised if used at Camp Ashraf? Do we have here a concept of friendly (khodi) terrorist versus unfriendly one? You are probably not defending the human rights of a Pakistani villager killed in a missile attack, just opposing the attack on pure political calculations.