Monday, April 18, 2011

Iran Military Day Parade 2011

Highlights from the 2011 Military Day parades held at various locations in the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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Updated Zulfiqar-3 main battle tank outfitted with service kit

Zulfiqar MBT without kit

Boragh APC air defense variant

BTR-60PB armored personnel carrier

BTR-60 variant

M577 command vehicles

Raad-2 self-propelled howitzer


Formation of F-14A air superiority fighters

MiG-29 type interceptors

Formation of F-4E fighter-bombers

Su-24MK attack aircraft

Air-Launched Weapons

AIM-54A AAM and Kh-58 ARM missiles

GBU-67/9A Qadr (force) air-launched precision guided munition

Ghased-3 EO-homing glide-bomb

AGM-379/20 Zoobin (arrow) air-launched PGM

GBU-78 Ghased (messenger) guided bomb unit

AIM-23 Sejil (baked clay) air-to-air missiles

Yasser and Sattar-4 air-to-ground rockets

Sagheb air-to-ground rocket

Bombs equipped with folded, retarding pedals

C-801K and C-802K air-launched AShMs

Anti-Ship Missiles

Noor, Kowsar and Nasr anti-ship missiles


Toyota 2700 4x4 utility truck command vehicle

NAJA anti-riot vehicles

Chinese manufactured ATVs


Kayak equipped special forces


Fars News Agency: Hamed Jafarnejad

JameJam Online: Chavosh Homavandi & Ali Safari

Iranian Labour News Agency: Hadi Yazdani

IPA: Sajad Safari

Borna News Agency: Moshen Tavaro

Iranian Student's News Agency: Mehdi Ghasemi

Islamic Republic News Agency

Mehr News Agency

Unidentified photographers


Gifted one said...

thanks for the great photos and descriptions

Paul Iddon said...

Mark, do you think Iran has functional AIM-54's?

I read somewhere that the IRIAF still have?/use? ATM-54 training rounds and that Iran has reverse engineered some Phoenix rounds and even upgraded them from A designation to somewhere comparable to the C designation

Anonymous said...

this seems like the first time I've seen boragh with anti-air guns... what are those guns?

Mark Pyruz said...

Paul, it's an open question whether Iran has successfully improvised service kits and recharged warheads for the AIM-54A. Same applies for how many cores remain after the war, as well as how many functioning AWG-9 radar sets in their possession. They're certainly suggesting they have this capability by parading a newly painted example.

Anon, ZU-23-2.

Anonymous said...

well I wouldn't like to be the gunner, yet i guess if you hide/disperse them enough you could get a few chopper piltos swearing..

Anonymous said...

Mr.Uskowi, the vehicle you identified as a M-109A1 is actually an M-109A1 turret on BMP chassis, most likely an Iranian built variant called the "Boraq." I believe the self-propelled artillery model is referred to by the name "Raad."

Bahram said...

the Self proppelled artillery identified as M-109A1 is actually a Raad-2 155mm.

Mark Pyruz said...

Thanks for the input, guys. I thought there was room for seven road wheels but obviously the tracks are different, which is a giveaway. I'll make the change.

Sarbaz said...

Also the missiles you identified as "C-801K and C-802K air-launched AShMs" is wrong. These are Iranian-made training rounds of the Kh-58 and Kh-29. But in the case of the Kh-29 training round, it is hard to tell which version, since there are three around, namely the ML,L and T version.

Winston said...

ancient relics and toys.

Anonymous said...

os caras fabricam os misseis msm!!Vcs precisam pesquisar mais em vez de falar bobagens!!!