Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Army General: Iran prepared to participate in UN peacekeeping missions

According to Fars News Agency:

The peacekeeping unit of the Iranian Army Ground Force is fully ready for UN missions in any part of the world, the Iranian Army's top Ground Force commander announced on Wednesday.

"The peacekeeping unit of the Army Ground Force is waiting for the relevant orders (by the UN) to be dispatched to the countries specified by the UN," Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting with a number of foreign military attachés in Tehran on Tuesday night. 

Stressing that Iran, like any other country, has formed a peacekeeping unit which enjoys a highly integrated structure, he stated that the Army's peacekeeping unit will be dispatched to the places and countries announced by the UN as soon as the Iranian foreign ministry communicates the relevant orders to the Army. 

Meantime, Pourdastan rejected speculations that Iran intends to dispatch its peacekeeping unit to Bahrain.

For the second year in a row on the occasion of Military Day in Tehran, Iran has paraded a pair of M113 APCs specially marked and painted in UN peacekeeping colors.

Photo: Chavosh Homavandi at JameJam Online


Anonymous said...

is he serious- this is too funny!

Anonymous said...

(FARS News Agency) Supreme Leader Urges Army to Activate All Potentials, USE ALL CAPACITiES. Is this the Iranian version of "all options are now on the table?"


Sarbaz said...

Actually four M113 APCs with UN markings were paraded. The same as is true for the last year, but with the difference that they additionally put the emblem of the Army on them in this year.

Anonymous said...

Next, they will ask the UN to send their peacekeeping troops to Gaza. You know, peacekeeping UN troops between the Gazans and the Zionist entity. They are so transparent, so anxious to cause trouble, that it is pathetically sad.

Winston said...

LOL.... And infiltrate their terrorists in the war zone too?

Anonymous said...

The sad thing... alot of Iranians believe this crap. Fortunately, alot of Iranians see through the BS.