Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Iran Retaliates Against Europe’s Refusal to Refuel Its Planes

Iran has stopped refueling Western planes landing in the country in retaliation to Europe’s refusal to refuel Iranian planes.

"Recently fuel supply for Iranian passenger planes flying to Europe was stopped," Iran’s Vice President Mohammed Reza Rahimi said. "Iran decided immediately to strike back and banned supply of fuel to Western passenger planes landing in Iran" [IRNA, 13 April].

Even though EU sanctions against Iran do not include jet fuel, but the US sanctions cover the fuel, and the European oil companies have refused the sale of jet fuel to Iranian airliners in recognition of US sanctions.

Some Iranian airlines still operate their routes to Western Europe destinations, but make extra stops at Prague and Budapest for refueling. The Russian oil companies in those airports still refuel Iranian planes.

In December 2010, Iran filed a grievance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) over European refusal to refuel its airliners. But ICAO ruled that the issue must be resolved by member states themselves.

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Anonymous said...

What is this silly game Europe has started..this shows the level of frustration of Europe.

again this means Iran is doing its own thing and that is good so.

World will change and all shall fall in place...

keep up the stamina IRAN...

I wrote a note on Iran and UAE (should have been the 15th comment. But it was ignored, or decided ........