Monday, April 11, 2011

Attack on Saudi Embassy in Tehran

Demonstrators in front of Saudi embassy in Tehran. 11 April 2011

Anti-Saudi protesters today gathered in front of the Saudi embassy in Tehran, chanting slogans against the Saudi government and in opposition to Saudi intervention in Bahrain. Fars News Agency, quoting Tehran’s police officials, is reporting that demonstrators have thrown 6 to 7 Molotov cocktails inside the embassy. No immediate reports of casualties or damages inside the embassy were available.

Photo: Meghdad Madadi / Fars News Agency


Anonymous said...

This is not a good development , Iran should not let the situation escalate .

Gifted one said...

Nothing still on the Wikileaks Israel claim about the inability to attack Iran's nuclear complex made in 2005? Sometimes news items are made more interesting by the fact of their omission from coverage.

Anonymous said...

Seems the dominoes are already falling with nothing to stop the chain reaction. War on the horizon. Shiite v Sunni

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 1:39

Then why is there a iranian-egyptian rapprochement? You are ignorant.

Anonymous said...

not good.

Iran has 100,000 pilgrims there, they will have to pay

Anonymous said...

iran must show his muscle to saudi when the supperiem leader condamme saudi it is mean to it not just a hot word so they must face more harsher action from iran they was silence for many years know is best time to have excuses to strike in the hard of saudi to pay for they crime of 1980 to 1988 war againest iran and againest iraq in 1990 up to day the resiem of saudi must gone for ever.

AKH32 said...

@ Anonymous 3:45

Soon Mecca and Medinah will be in Iranian hands so you will have to pay....

Anonymous said...

Attacking the puppet Saudi embassy is not a very astute move. Iran has a lot of geo-strategic options vis a vis a very vulnerable Saudi Arabia which has recently recruited two Pakistani divsions of brainwashed madrassa Wahabbis from the Punjab to prop-up the corrupt house of Saud which is facing massive internal problems. Iran should be working with Saudi dissidents and not let this unnecessarily turn into a "Sunni-Shia" issue. That is exactly what the tottering Persian Gulf petro-pimpdoms and their US/Zionist masters want.

US is doing its best to turn the Persian Gulf and Saudi freedom movements into a sectarian issue. The Arab street is quite aware of this insidious dimension.

Iran needs to revamp its Arabic/Urdu language media and TV services and perhaps host the Arab dissidents to expose US/Zionist policies directly to the disenfranchised Arab masses. The appeal of Iranian revolution remains very strong in the wider Muslim world. The corrupt Arab regimes are so distrustful of their own militaries and US supplied tools of repression that they are depending on mercenaries to hang on to power against the rising tide.

BTW, a very good analysis on the Pakistan Reasserts Military Intrusiveness In Gulf Region: Regional Implications – Analysis

Written by: SAAG

also Asia Times has an excellent analysis by ex-Indian ambassador:

Pakistan skating
on thin Bahraini ice
The Pakistani aspiration to be a provider of security for the Saudi-backed Bahrain ruler to counter the challenge of Shi’ite empowerment holds inherent risks. But Islamabad is pushing the envelope, hoping to be on the ‘winning side’. - M K Bhadrakumar

Anonymous said...

Iran should stop this and instead tell the world about the massive corruption of the al saud family.

I mean all the homosexualities, gamblings, sex rings, tortures, slaveries systematic rapes of imported house slaves... and and and

tell the world what animals the Saudis are. ( with respect to Arabs)

(Saudis are a stray subculture of Arabs brotherly to Iranians)

Anonymous said...

No surprise it's a bunch of disgusting women in Burqas, descendants of Arab rape blood, what I call "fake Iranians" or "Irabians".