Saturday, April 16, 2011

Military Day aviation practice runs

IRIAF and IRIAA practice runs in anticipation of Military Day, 1390 (2011).

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IRIAF Su-24MK attack aircraft; what Iran considers "strategic fighters"

This Military Day air show is slated to showcase Iran's "strategic fighters"

IRIAF F-4E Phantom II fighter-bomber, upon landing at Mehrabad TFB.1

Formation of F-4E fighter-bombers

Technicians tending to a HESA Saegah demonstration aircraft

Saegah (Thunderbolt) demonstration aircraft, cleared for takeoff

IRIAF Saegah and F-5F Tiger II

IRIAF F-14A Tomcat air superiority fighters

Iranian Tomcat with variable wings extended

Experienced "Persian Cat" aircrews

IRIAF F-14 Tomcat formation

Lineup of IRIAF F-4E Phantoms and F-14A Tomcats

IRIAF MiG-29UB (9-51) Fulcrum-B

IRIAF MiG-29UB aircrew

IRIAF MiG-29 formation over Tehran

IRIAA Bell 214A Isfahan medium-lift helicopter

IRIAA Bell AH-1J Sea Cobra (209) attack helicopter

IRIAA Elicotteri Meridionali CH-47C Chinook (219) transport helicopters

Airbase security detail march past an IRIAA Agusta AB-205A-1
multipurpose utility helicopter

Hassan Mousavi & Hamed Jafarnejad at Fars News Agency
Rouhollah Vahdati at Iranian Student's News Agency
Unidentified photographer


Anonymous said...

a lot of these aircrafts have been modified and changed.

your sarcastic remark of "what iran considers" strategic... is really not necessary. These planes were modified and their range are now enough to reach 1500 km and return without refueling.

same goes for mig 29, aereal feuling and etc.... things the Russians even sent peopple to look up.

Anonymous said...

IRAN have are new fighter jet besides aircraft for example F-14, SU-24 OR SU-29? somebody please tell me?

Anonymous said...

More pictures here:

and here:

Anonymous said...

Iran's aircraft really look in bad condition.

Anonymous said...

While it's nice to have super jets and all, I'm afraid they don't win wars...

Without boots on the ground, you can bomb till pigs can fly and nothing will be achieved on the ground except broken buildings etc....

It's stupid when people criticize Iran for not having cutting edge fighter jets as Iran's been illegally placed under sanctions so they cannot purchase them.Iran will likely buy new jets from Russia or other sources if it wasn't for those sanctions.It's even a miracle they're still able to keep them in flying conditions to this day. Having said that, Iran's managed to do major upgrades to these machines, making them adapt to modern needs. I don't think Iranian strategy's to fight American jets in the air.That'll be suicide!!

They're more for sneaky bombing raids on NATO/US bases in the region and also for support of ground troops. Iran's anti-aircraft missile network are capable enough to take care of invading enemy fighter jets..Underestimate them at your own peril...

Anonymous said...

These 40 years old F4 and F5's are just pathetic.
The buls... about Russians sending people to Iran to learn from the Iranins!! (Exaggerations Iranian style) Don't make people laugh at you.

Not one single antic aircraft will take off in case of a conflict with the superior airforce of Nato.

Even the persian Gulf states airforce can obliterate the Islamic Republic's airforce in a couple of days.
Get real people.

Anonymous said...

A loney said:
"Get real people."

OK mate first to your comments:

"Even the persian Gulf states airforce can obliterate the Islamic Republic's airforce in a couple of days."

Yes they may have better US aircraft as they have deeper pockets. But can they fly the bloody thing! How many Arabs do you know who have talent to do anything! Look at what happened to Iraqi airforce against Iran. After few days at the start odf war, they would not dare to fly their aircraft agianst the incoming Iranian Jets. Here we go again.

And about your comment:

These 40 years old F4 and F5's are just pathetic.

Why are they pathetic?! What has changed in aircraft design in the past 20-30 years to make these aircraft unworthy. F4 anf F5s gave been the backbone of many airforces. They are simple and reliable aircraft with maintainable technology! Their weapon systems have been upgraded plus their radar. So that is good enough and more importantly a large number of Iranian air crew know how to use these aircraft and their weapon sysyem to maximum leverage. Look at the so called sophisticated aircraft Nato is currently using in Libya. Half of them are grounded because of lack of parts and pilot training.

If this wa a sustained war effort how many days would they last.

Get your facts right Mr Camel.

Anonymous said...

Tel me did usa ever win the war in any country before or after wwII?usa alway lost war in longe time battle againest any country to counter .the last one was iraq and afghanistan the only way you can win the war if that nation has reason to fight his enemy is not just the mighty weapon can win the battle yes can damage everything you have but if the people of that nation strong enough certainly can defeat them no matter what forces is in front them and each nation has diferend believe of freedom to others and you can not give it by force to choose your way of freedom thatis diferened to other why usa is failing ever battle of war they may thing world of men living in 1955 attitude but as you change rest will change too for better or worst yes no air war ever win the battle only ground forces will fineshed the job.

Anonymous said...

A lonely,

Now to your comments:
I am not an Arab, but you are clearely a rasist when you make a stupid comment about Arab people like this. That shows the level of your intelligence.
The Iraqi airforce was inferior to the (Imperial Iranian Airforce) for the first 2 years of the war. After that because of the delivery of mainly Mirage 2000 and Mirage F1 they were superior to the Islamic Republic Airforce which was in chronic shortage of spare parts and skilled pilots (Many of them were killed / martyred) in the war.

If you don't know what has happened in aircraft design during the past 30 - 40 years then you should not make any comments here.
Have you heard of F22 Raptor, F35 Join strike fighter, Typhoon, Rafale, Jas 39 Gripen , Sukhoi 31 Sukhoi 35 etc.... ??

You want to be proud of your country , by all means I think we should, but don't make stupid remarks without having proper facts.
The Iranian F4 , F5 's are not a match for a modern airforce of any kind. Everyone with Basic military knowledge knows that.

Camel ham babate !

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned again you must be an Arab.

Take a break mate and forget about Imperial Iranian Airforce. You live in the past or watching too much TV/games. You are one hell of a tosser. Raptor my a**.

Anonymous said...

Mark and others,

How effective these Saeghe fighters are? Are they considered a fourth generation fighters with body similar to F4-F5 fighters but upgraded weapons systems?


Winston said...

how do u know they r experienced air crews? Your captions make me laugh, sadly.

Anonymous said...

I.R.I The Best Of Best "4" Ever & Ever