Sunday, February 7, 2010

Toofan 5 and Qaem Missiles: Production Startup

Defense Minister IRGC Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi inaugurated production lines for two new missiles on Saturday, Iranian television reported. Iran's defense industries will produce an anti-helicopter missile named the Qaem (Rising) and an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) called the Toofan 5 (Storm).

The Qaem is designed to target helicopters at low and medium altitudes, and is reported to be laser guided.

"Toofan 5 is one of the most advanced missiles. It has two warheads which can destroy tanks and other armoured vehicles," Vahidi was quoted as saying by Fars news agency. He said the Qaem was a "missile which can destroy targets in the air travelling at low speed and at low altitude, especially assault helicopters."

The Toofan 5 is similar to the TOW-2A in appearance with additional forward positioned fins and reported laser guidance.

Iran unveiled the new missile types as part of its 10-Day Dawn celebrations for the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

Video of Toofan 5 and Qaem Missiles:

Production photos of Toofan 5 and Qaem Missiles:

DEF MIN IRGC BG Vahidi besides missile launch platform

Tripod launch platform rear view

Tripod launch platform side view

Electronics unit disassembled in detail

Missile production subassemblies in detail

Toofan 5 anti-tank guided missile (ATGM)
with anti-armor tandem warhead

Qaem anti-helicopter laser guided missile

Photos courtesy of Iranian Students News Agency.


Anonymous said...

consider these developments, as a kind of vaccination against US military attacks against Iran. Well done Iran.
May God be with you, always

Anonymous said...

toofan 5 is 1992 desinged and developed the new on has far more stronger panataration the last designe above 2200mm inside any available tank at this time us abraham m1 tank panataration is above 1200mm and m2 1500mm this call toofan 6 and 7 has in production from 2003 the distance is above 4000m with laser guieded plus night vision and many more that why iran does not like to production on large skill of tank this product will much cheapest way to distroy any available tank in the world exist.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

keep up with the good works.

Kull said...

"Those who forge their own weapons can always defend their freedom and their independence"

Iran must keep forging on the way of total military independence.

ATGMS, artillery rockets, SAMS, MANPADs, SSMs, IRBMs...they are all pieces in a colossal jigsaw puzzle.

The Iranian ministry of defence should however not underestimate the power and importance of conventional tube artillery.

Anonymous said...

Very well done, Iran. The new world order's plans for a global fascist superstate will be stopped by you. You have shown good discipline in your endeavours. It is always good to anticipate your enemies moves.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic developments in Iran! Hearty Congratulations to all my Shia Brothers and Sisters in that great land.

Anonymous said...

congrats to the Iranians !!!