Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Russias top military commander: US could strike Iran

Russia's top military commander General Nikolai Makarov states that after finishing it's missions in Iraq and Afghanistan the United States may attack Iran.


Anonymous said...

I found the speech of Makroff in farsnews
It looks very different.

Acording to farsnews the Nikolai Makaroff said.The US will not survive such attack of Iran.

The news can be seen very different if only the half is mentioned

Anonymous said...

For those who speak Russian:

Как начальник российского Генштаба американцев напугал

Вчера на пресс-конференции, начальник Генштаба генерал армии Николай Макаров сильно настращал американцев"Вопрос о создании в составе Вооруженных сил России Сил быстрого реагирования (СБР) будет решаться в ближайшее время"
Виктор БАРАНЕЦ — 17.02.2010
Бьюсь об заклад: сейчас в Белом доме, в Конгрессе и в Пентагоне чаще всего повторяют фамилию начальника нашего Генштаба генерала армии Николай Макарова. Вчера на пресс-конференции он сильно настращал американцев: "Сейчас США проводит две военных операции: в Афганистане и Ираке, третья для них будет просто обвалом... Последствия такого удара будут ужасными не только для Ирана, но и для всего региона... Американцы четко и однозначно заявили, что есть планы по нанесению ударов по Ирану".

Но похоже, что наш НГШ поторопился с выводами: ибо масштабная военная операция в Иране и ракетные удары по его ядерным объектам -- это далеко не одно и то же. Третью операцию США действительно могут не потянуть, а шарахнуть издалека "Томагавками" по десятку иранских целей -- это у них запросто может получиться. К тому же и Израиль, давно точащий зубы на агрессивного соседа, с радостью подсобит... А вот то, что после этого регион может в едином антиамерикано-израильском порыве "встать на дыбы", -- это близко к истине. Тогда всем миром и очень долго придется гасить костер...

Кроме этого, Макаров сделал еще ряд интересных заявлений, касающихся как международной, так и внутренней военной политики России.

Paul Iddon said...

spasiba Anon

Tanya Yeremina said...

A bad translation to English:

How the head of Russia's General Staff scared the Americans

Yesterday at the press conference, Chief of Staff, Army General Nikolai Makarov strongly nastraschal Americans, "The establishment of the Armed Forces of Russia Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) will be solved in the near future"
Viktor Baranets - 17/02/2010
I bet: Now the White House, Congress and the Pentagon often repeat the name of our Chief of Staff, Army General Nikolai Makarov. Yesterday at the press conference, he strongly nastraschal Americans: "The U.S. is now conducting two military operations: Afghanistan and Iraq, the third for them would just collapse ... The consequences of such a strike would be disastrous not only for Iran but for the entire region ... Americans clearly and unambiguously stated that there are plans for strikes on Iran. "

But it seems that our NRC hurry with the conclusions: for large-scale military operation in Iran and missile strikes on its nuclear facilities - this is not the same thing. Third operation the U.S. really can not pull, and recoil from afar "Tomahawk" for ten Iranian objectives - is they can easily turn out. Besides, Israel, long grinds his teeth in an aggressive neighbor, a hand with joy ... But the fact that after this region can in a single anti -Amerikan/Israeli outburst "to stand on its hind legs" - is close to the truth. Then the whole world and a very long time will have to extinguish the fire ...

In addition, Makarov made a number of interesting statements regarding both international and domestic military policy of Russia.

Alborz said...

The Iran-Russia relation is worsening.
The Iran does not stop Uran-Enrichment, Mr Lawrov and Mdedev are not amused.
so they are trying to scare Iran.
That is not the first time, that they are warning about immediate US-Attack on Iran.

everybody plays his psycho game.

Anonymous said...

iran is well know in case of war iran will be face all surranded area even in the russian side for war theirfor has plan in several years ago how to be able defence itself and have actuley win the war with usa and nato plus israel and even russian war in that senario iran see in the iraq war complately deferend with iran level will be in iran the fire power is 100 times larger than the 1991 war to be winning to day war must have nuclear bomb that is final senario iran has nuclear bomb from 1992 has inreached untile now atleast 60 to 90 warhead available that why no one can find it because at this stage iran step by step to let world power to react harsh to iran then finalized to tell the world why iran is need the nuclear bomb basically iran has much better hand then nato and other persian gulf because the level of them secret is much much higher than any country in the world has never capable to find what iran really has in final the last concept for iran to fight side by side his arab brotherhood that with lebenon and seria which will do it as soon as posible way the road of war complately open for iran if the section come true that yesterday ahmadinajad see load and clear to israel and neto if you do section us we will not make same massure as did before so be wise what you are may do.iran has all the right at any mumment to do first strick at any time to all persian gulf area and even israel second senario iran cut all business from uk and i believe by next week would be franch and germmany turn commming the rest depend on russian side are they want play stupped in politics or be play as china doing smart move true by great caution in smart political move not by amotional move.

Anonymous said...

I keep saying... Iran will have to let the dice role....

Fear brings nothing and has brought nothing for Iran except loss...

Fear of the first strike is just an obstacle for the Anglo/Zionism than for anyone else, in this case not knowing if Iran would cry or hit back.

Believe me, the US Forces are not much of a big deal, their Hollywood reflections and their Videogame military style does not win wars.

Remember, Iran does NOT have to win a war, they only have to NOT lose it.

Anonymous said...

It has been 30 years since Iran's islamic revolution.US will probably strike or attack Iran.Most of us had learnt lots about Iranian military might.Actually ,Iran is not Iraq or even Afghanistan but Iran is Iran.The question is 'Are the US brave enough to launch such an attack......'?

Anonymous said...
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