Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Israel Intel Chief: Iran Close to Building Bomb

In a rare public speech, Israel’s military intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin said today Iran was close to a "technological breakthrough" that would enable it to build nuclear weapons [AP, 15 December].

Gen. Yaldin said Iran had enough nuclear material for a warhead and was close to being able to build one.

Yaldin’s comments are the latest examples of a possible run-up to a military conflict with Iran. Yesterday, the Times reported that Iran was experimenting with neutron initiators, a necessary step to build a nuclear weapon.

Iran has denied reports that its nuclear program is aimed at building the bomb.


Anonymous said...

And what is wrong with that, the more the merrier

Anonymous said...

israel is nothing without Mommy USA changing its diapers and breast-feeding it! AIPAC puppet Obama is fooling no one

Anonymous said...

The Israelis have been claiming this for years. Iran has for years been "on the verge of making the Bomb."

Iran's stocks of LEU are under 24-hour supervision by the IAEA and cannot be removed without everyone noticing.

Just more scaremongering to encourage the US to invest in attacking a critic of Israel. Saddam too, had done nothing to the US, but he was critical of Israel. So, the Americans did Israel's dirty work for it.

Now they want to do the same with Iran, under the pretext of Iran's phantom atom bomb, which is on a truck right behind Iraq's "mobile chemical weapons factories." :-)

And, by the way, what about Israel's own nuclear arsenal??

Anonymous said...

israel is not in a position to talk about nukes of other!

Anonymous said...

the defence between iraq and iran ,saddam was the popped of usa and part of cia was that why they did not fight in the beginig with usa if they fight hard never ever usa had the chances of invading iraq,secondly us and israel smart enough in case of any attack to iran the intire israel and usa base will be in fire,and they fight hard then ever done to distroyed them power they are using the nature to cover them military far more better than any one in the regian so many suprises we see every time they are doing military show games what they really have no one nows for shore but for my point they technology is not far as us and west military forces also much complax army in the world is.iaea iss become just a joke to every one in people mind how you can convect a country no prove of having a bomb that the same senario as they did to iraq but iran forces will be slam a great to face of us has never face it befor in 60 years of war game they are so confedence of every action they do usa and israel are in panic level are at this mommunt.