Saturday, December 26, 2009

Person of the Year

The Times of London has chosen Neda Soltan as Times Person of the Year.

The manner of her death, and the regime’s response, has shredded what little legitimacy it had left. She helped to inspire an opposition movement that is now led by her generation, which a systematic campaign of arrests, show trials, beatings, torture and security force violence has failed to crush, and whose courage and defiance has won the admiration of the world.


Anonymous said...

Her murderer has moved to the UK and requested assylum, openly claiming to be a basij and regreting it all.

Anonymous said...

from the beginning there was something fishy about this neda agha soltan, the way that she has suddenly received hyped attention from the West media. maybe because the fact that she had a boyfriend and strong lover of american pop music (as reported by West mainstream media)!