Tuesday, December 8, 2009

16 Azar in Tehran

University of Tehran. 16 Azar 1388. 7 December 2009
Time photo

Amir Kabir University. 16 Azar 1388. 7 December 2009
TehranBureau photo


Anonymous said...

Amid persistent reports from multiple sources that the regime is handing out big daily bonuses and 'bounties' for arrests to the Basij militias to participate in the crackdown against pro-democracy protesters, this video clip shows Amirkabir University students taunting the Basij members by waving bills at them:


The video is dated 16 Azar (December 7), which is the 'Students Day' in Iran.

Anonymous said...

The second photo is very telling, as it shows the small number of pro-regime Basij "students" holding mass-produced placards huddled in a corner while the overwhelming number of students participate in the pro-democracy protests.

It is also significant that, despite numerical superiority, the protesters do not attempt to attack the Basij "students." This shows the civil nature of this movement which is commonly understood among the pro-democracy, 'Green Movement.'

Had the numbers been the reverse and in favor of the Basij, then they would not have hesitated in launching violent attacks on the protesters.

The regime has run out of all arguments and its only means of communication is the baton and the gun.

Anonymous said...

Was more or less a cat & maose game between Police and the students.

actually very civil and calm, except one case.. where somebody torched 3 bins, to show how revolutionary he was. lol

This is Democracy developing and in a year or two, Iran will be a 2 pole system like the USA (Dems and Reps)hopefully personal freedoms will start to develop from there and from within.

God Bless Iran and all Iranians

Nader Uskowi said...

Amen. Long Live Iran and the Iranian nation!

Anonymous said...

"208 arrested in Tehran on December 7!"

Greater Tehran police chief Azizollah Rajabzadeh has announced that 169 male and 39 female pro-democracy protestrs were arrested during the Students' Day protests on December 7. This figure is for Tehran only and does not include those arrested in other cities.
Nationwide arrests were very probably in view of the widespread stuent protests on Monday.
Furthermore, the official figures often are lower than the true figures. For one thing, the police can speak only about the arrests made by their own personnel. Those arrested by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), the Basij and intelligence ministry often 'disappear' into the network of secret detention centers.

The chief prosecutor Mohsen Ejeie today warned of a "merciless" approach with protesters.

Anonymous said...

Latest image from Tehran taken today December 8, show that the compound of the former US Embassy in Tehran is used by basij militias as base to launch attacks on students.
The amateur footage shows rows of club-wielding basijies returning to the embassy compound after attacking students at Tehran University that lies to the west of the compound:

Following the massive anti-government protests on the previous day by genuine students, the regime enlisted thousands of basij and bussed them to universi compounds, masquarading them as the "real students."

This video clip scuppers this ruse by proving that they were not students and were temporarily based in the massive compound of the former US Embassy.

The comments on the video suggest that the basij militia members were going to demand their bonuses for attacking students.

Anonymous said...

Every Story has another side: