Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Karrubi Criticizes Yazdi’s Attack on Opposition

One of the leaders of Iran’s opposition reform movement, Ayatollah Mehdi Karubi, today blasted Ayatollah Yazdi, the leading religious supporter and the mentor of President Ahmadinejad, for his harsh comments made in Qum against the opposition leaders. Yazdi had characterized the opposition movement as a “joke” and its leaders as “jokers.”

“Regarding your remark and your concern about me being a "joke" I should remind you that those who are briefing you, are the ones telling you jokes; that's why you have this illusion that the political turmoil and the critical situation of the society is like a joke! I remind you that what I do and will do is based on my belief and duty in defending the rights of each and every citizen, and this for me is the main goal and responsibility," said Karubi in response to Yazdi’s remarks [Tagheer, 16 December].

"In another part of your remarks you talked about the heaven and hell and asked some to leave the alliance of the devil! Are you the representative of God and the judge to determine good and bad deeds? How could you acknowledge this right for yourself to call anyone who does not agree with you an ally of the devil and anti-Islam?

“When you as a cleric in the society have these wrong views, people will turn their back on religion and clerics in great numbers.”


Anonymous said...

kurrobi is total loser in that election the intire repatation of him wipe out about time to be in court face a trizan all they are try to do save themself by take people on the street that may suvive longer that day is over they may be killed by accident or many other thing may happend in few weeks before iran prepeard to havy strick againest usa and israel in jan15 /2010

Anonymous said...

Since When is Karoubi an Ayatollah???? He is barely a Hojat-ol-eslam! This kind of personality worship is what has triggered most of Iran's problems!