Thursday, December 31, 2009

Basij Force Firing at People on Ashura

Basijis firing their pistols at demonstrators on Ashura
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Tehran. Hafez Bridge. 27 December 2009
INA Photo


Anonymous said...

Mr. Uskowi

Great that you posted this link. In fact, I had given a link to these very photos in my yesterday's comment on Mr. Pyruz's "analysis."

Here is a video image of another plaincothes official shooting at people during the November 4 protests:

The video claims to have identified the gunman.

In any analysis of deployed state forces in Iran, the massive plainclothes Basij cannot be left out.

They have shown themselves to be ruthless and immune to any legal proceedings that may result from beating or killing people.

Mark Pyruz said...

Great collection of photos. They magnify 3x before pixelating.

Photo interpretations:

3 subjects identified with circles.

Subject 1 appears to be pointing object with one hand in pic 1 and 4.

Subject 2 appears to be throwing object in pic 2 and 4. (Odd that he disappears from view in pic 3.)

Subject 3 may be holding object with one hand in pic 2. In pics 3 and 4, he is grasping object with both hands.

There's a reasonable possibility that these are some form of firearm, in particular subject 1 and 3. However, there isn't (in my view) an indication of discharge. The crowd isn't showing any signs of reaction or results from firearm discharge (lethal rounds). In fact, a few in the foreground appear casual.

3 other subjects in the background (mounted) appear equipped with steel rods (typical Basij).

There are a number of indications of crowd initiated violence, including what appears to be two cases of arson directed at fallen motorcycles, as well as ongoing stone throwing. The entire front line of the crowd appears to be either holding or in the act of throwing stones.

Regarding your URL. That video was posted in November, presumably depicting an incident from 13 Aban. It shows a plainclothes figure drawing an automatic pistol pointed to ground. In the video or included close up pic, he does not discharge his firearm.

Nader: any info from your side on the contention of IRIPF usage of less-lethal air guns during Ashura? (Dep. Police Chief Radan was questioned about this by a reporter.)

Nader Uskowi said...

No, Mark. I have no specific info for their use on Ashura. But it is entirely logical for NAJA to use air guns during such demonstrations, they are well trained on their use and it can avoid major fatalities.

Anonymous said...

Here is more about the plainclothes Basij/IRGC attacking people with firearms and assorted other weapons:

Anonymous said...

take a look at this... what do you think of this press TV report. ??

Anonymous said...

take a look at this report

surprised ,you hav not commented or embedded it