Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Iran’s Top Brands

Iran's Top Brands Competition
Tehran. 16 December 2009. Moj photo

The second annual brands competition was held in Tehran, with 24 industries and 350 brands competing to be chosen as the best brand names in the country. Following are the top 10 brands, as reported by Moj News Agency:

1. Bank Saderat, banking

2. Hamrah Aval, mobile phone

3. Iran Khodro, oldest car manufacturer in Iran (since 1962)

4. Zar Makaron, food (pasta)

5. Pars Khodro, auto (first manufacturer of SUVs in the country)

6. Steel Alborz, kitchen products (stainless steel kitchen sink)

7. Yek-o-Yek, food (tomato paste, sauces)

8. Golbaft, textile (blankets)

9. Takdaneh, food (fruit juice)

10. Daroo-pakhsh, pharmaceutical

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