Monday, December 28, 2009

CSM: After Sunday clashes in Iran, 'Green Movement' supporters take stock

The Christian Science Monitor today carries a dispatch by its correspondent Isaon Athanansiadis on the road ahead for supporters of the Green movement after Ashura. Athanansiadis quotes this blogger on the organization and the participants of the recent demonstrations in the country.

“The student organizations at major universities are still the most organised fora, but the youths have found other organizations that appear to be non-political, such as associations of painters and calligraphers, where the news of planned actions and slogans are passed along,” said Nader Uskowi, a Washington-based Iran analyst who works for the US government among other clients. “The students and the youths are still the engine of the movement but it is rapidly spreading to other segments including parents who are actively supporting their children."


Anonymous said...

the fact that the protestes always breaking in sides with any officil rally or Ashura fest means the number of protester is very decreased since last june.

Anonymous said...

theire are shaban bimogh call like shah rezeim to get on street to break and distroy people things anyway government if they want they are well know every aspect of them activity ,it is just matter of time to take them out of the missery once for ever .they opposition group can not fight like hard line the hard line if start is like a wave to crash intire world they are way powerful fighter if start god nows well when is the stop could be .