Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Iran Accuses US of Abducting Nuclear Scientist

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki today accused the US of abducting one of its top nuclear scientists, Shahram Amiri. Mr. Amiri went missing in Saudi Arabia during a hajj visit to Mecca.

"The Americans did abduct him. Therefore we expect the American government to return him," Mottaki told reporters in Tehran.

Earlier today, foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told Mehr news agency that Riyadh had handed Amiri over to Washington.

The US government has not confirmed or denied the presence of Mr. Amiri in the United States, or whether he has voluntarily defected to the US.

Mr. Amiri is believed to have been working in Iran’s newly disclosed Fordu uranium enrichment plant near Qum.


Kemjika said...

i live in the US, and i'v realiased the US govt is so hypocritical-many govts are,but few claim to be saints amongst them, and the US seems to be one of the "saints". human rights? oh yes, we're so for human rights-rendition, secret jails, random abductions, covert wars/funding..its all part of us protecting freedom in the world and supporting human rights....its quite disgusting.

Anonymous said...

red white and blue is the butcher's apron!

Anonymous said...

us is playing vary dangrous game what happend if irgc or iran top secret agent unnon soldier take few us mp and few us high ranking general ,us is week in that area irgc is over wellmming power has in that area.