Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Iran Khodro Company (IKCO), the country’s largest auto manufacturer, displayed its latest models, including its new sedan, Runna (pictured above), at an exhibition of Iran's export commodities that opened today in Ukrainian capital city, Kiev.

Photo: IRNA


Anonymous said...

Nice looking car. Iran Khodro has come a long way from the rattle box Paykan, even though every one in Iran was an expert mechanic on the Paykan (Hillman Hunter)and many are still going strong.

Iran Khodro is also designing a car for the D-8 group of nations.

Anonymous said...

D-8 standing for Donkey (8) riders I presume if they are going to buy anything from Iran Khodro!

Anonymous said...

Basically a face lifted 206 with a boot and most likely the same price as an latest model car in Europe.

Anonymous said...

foreign sales of $150million and debts of about $7 billion.
but it does look very nice for an old Peugeot.

Anonymous said...

That is Peugeot 207

that is Peugeot 206

That is Dena

see somebody a similarity ?