Sunday, July 24, 2011

Iran Denies Reports of Nuclear Scientist Assassination

Iran's Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi said today that the slain Daryoush Rezaienejad was a 35-year old graduate student who had no links to the country’s nuclear program or the defense ministry. Moslehi also said the method of his assassination did not necessarily indicate foreign intelligence involvement.

“The assassinated student was not involved in nuclear projects and had no connection to the nuclear issue,” Moslehi said. “He (Rezaienejad) was a student who was martyred and it is not clear whether a foreign intelligence agency was involved in his assassination or not,” he added. [ISNA, 24 July].

Yesterday, major Iranian news agencies, including ISNA, Mehr and Fars, said the slain scientist was a nuclear physicist with links to nuclear and defense establishment. Today, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said the assassination of the scientist was the work of US and Israeli intelligence. Now the minister of intelligence is denying all these reports.


Anonymous said...

Makes Larijani sound like a jackass.

Not really all that surprising.

Anonymous said...

typical. Let us blame everyone else and cash on publicity.

Most probably it was an internal job done one way or other. Our hearts go out to the young family of this guy and the little kid who is orphaned.

In IRI everything is possible now. Few days ago they stabbed and killed the Iranian strong man Ruhollah Dadashi was killed in the streets of Tehran by three men. Later it was said that the guy had mentioned anti-Khamenei statements. A brief statement by the polic stated that three men were arrested. I guess that is the end of story. We will not hear anymore. When the state itself is the sponsor of terrorism and murder, what else would you expect!

Anonymous said...

When the state itself is the sponsor of world terrorism and murder expect that the demons that posses these people will one day be judged by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:39 PM, you're an idiot! No disrespect. How does Iran gain by killing their own science students? Even a criminal love their kids.

Again, your warped logic, seeing everything with your anti-Iran spectacles has clouded your judgement.

What do you have to say about the UK intelligence chief and many others like him in the west publicly stating that it's their goal to use sabotage and assassinations as a means to stop Iran's nuclear program?

Iran's been really nice in dealing with these assassinations by not retaliating and always reporting the case to the useless UN. Maybe it's time some important figures in the west also begin to fall. What do you think?

A student is murdered and you blame the government for this? How so? Guess what, it rained yesterday in some parts of Tehran. Who do you blame?

My God!!!

Anonymous said...

@anno 2
If Ruhollah Dadashi was killed by state agents, his killers were never find and not arrested.

Anonymous said...

China's latest train wreck = two more gone.