Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sacred Defense Parade 2010

Highlights from the 2010 Sacred Defense Parade held in Tehran:

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Presiding over the podium this year: Major General Seyed Hassan Firuzabadi. (President Ahmadinejad is in New York City to address the UN General Assembly.)

Podium lineup: Note positions of NAJA Commander Brig. Gen. Moghadam and Basij Commander Naghdi, as well as the position of IRIADF Commander Mighani.

Foreign military observers of the parade

Twenty ballistic missiles were reportedly paraded, including 4 Sejils, 8 Shahabs, 4 Fatah-110s and 4 ZelZal SSMs.

Sejil MRBM and TEL

Crotale-Sagheb Taqheb short-range anti-air missile system

Iranian M113 APCs envisioned as UN peacekeeping forces

Karrar UCAV in IRGCAF combat livery

Sofreh Mahi mockup in IRIAF demonstrator colors

T-33 mockup, context unknown.

Possibly the "Hod Hod" UAV

T-72 MBT equipped with standoff armor

Iranian T-55 tanks rumble through the city of Isfahan

M577 Armored Command Post Carrier, followed by FV101 Scorpion light tanks and BMP-2 IFVs.

Iranian military buggy armed with DshK HMG

Motorized sniper teams armed with the Steyr HS .50

ATV combat teams armed with AA mount MGA3
general purpose machine gun and RPG-7

ATV combat teams armed with the Misagh SAM. Note improved outfitting.

Elite IRGC paratroopers equipped with the S-5.56

Elite IRGC assault troop equipped with MPT9S SMGs

IRGC cadre equipped with S-5.56 assault rifles

IRGCN Ensigns equipped with KLS (AKM) assault rifles

Basij equipped with KLS (AKM) assault rifles

Basij Ashura unit armed with Beretta PM12S SMGs

Student Basidji

Battle rifles equipped with high-powered scopes


Note: "Ey Iran" patriotic song sung as "Ey Islam."

Mahdi Mar Marizad at FARS News Agency
Fereidoon Ghorbani at Borna News Agency
Chavosh Homavandi at
Amir Hossein Zolfaghari at Iranian Student's News Agency
Mehr News Agency
Islamic Republic News Agency
Iran International Photo Agency

sherlock72 at YouTube


Anonymous said...

Looking more and more like North Korea... was that Kim Jung Il I saw holding a bag of popcorn?

Anonymous said...

when you get threathened every day of the year from Atom powers.... thats the least you can do.... show some muscles and reminding them (the Atom powers) that it will be very very very bloody

Anonymous said...

Was this the same parade that injured 75 people, killed 12 and was thought to be a terrorist attack by Kurdish separatists... if so where's the headline!?

Anonymous said...

not the same parade i think that one was much smaller,but you know what i think is funny and btw i like looking at all the new weapons being developed by iran even if theyre still behind by other country standards in 20 years they will be equal at least thats what i think but u think if countries are going to attack just turn on the tube watch the parade all those missiles lined up and all theirmost advanced anti aircraft missiles all there jesus come on thats a little stupid,because to be honest i may not favor the regime but i like a good fight and when u have everything laid out there and letsbe honest again america isnt really intimated by a few missiles its what irans not showing that scares them be it the lone bomber california and etc etc

Anonymous said...

So are you saying a death match between Amadinejad and Obama? I think the US would come out on top regardless of who wins.

Anonymous said...

last anon... Iran does not have to win a war... they simply should not lose...
I bet thats too high for you, but nevertheless, you can repeat it in your next round table at the pub.. makes you look and sound more intelligent

Sir Dariush London

Anonymous said...

Death to him and his stupid supporters on this blog

Anonymous said...

3:26 Can I ignore you some other time?

Anonymous said...

I bet "Your Face" is too high for you...

Anonymous said...

P1 - last time IRAN was attacked and occupied was 1,400 years ago or 1,200 years before the USA became an independent country.

P2- Last time a foreign army attacked Iran -- was at the onset of the revolution while the regular armed forces were in complete disarray -- volunteer forces made up of mostly irregulars rose to defend it. suffering 500,000 dead and many more wounded they successfully repelled the invaders.

P3- Iran has made it clear that in case of mere aerial attacks by US and Israel it will use all of it's considerable assets in asymmetrical warfare to make certain that pain and suffering is equitably shared with it's foes and their allies.

Q1- How many fatalities are US forces willing to suffer during an attack on Iran. How long are you willing to bike to work and what price of oil and for how long can the world economy sustain?

Let's not kid ourselves the time that big ships and big guns could mean solid military victories has long passed -- Americans need to think about their mostly useless hardware and more importantly all the treasure they have wasted on building them.

Q2- what is it that Americans can possibly win in this confrontation

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like amadinejad is getting slapped up and down the block right now in front of the whole world and just got his butthuggers pulled over his head without a single fatality on either side with Stuxnet. His hardware is looking pretty haggered these days as amadinejad continues to cry for help for anyone from the east or the west to stop the massacre. I guess you also fell for the "big ship, big gun" decoy... what can the world win? How about no nukes for Iran.

BTW, I ride my bike everyday and I love it!

Anonymous said...

I first vote for no nukes for the ones that used them and the ones threating others with using them.