Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Iran Defends Decision to Bar IAEA Inspectors

The director of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) said Tehran has the right to bar some UN inspectors from monitoring its nuclear facilities. Iran recently barred two inspectors from monitoring an atomic plant after they reported what they said were undeclared nuclear experiments. The IAEA, the international atomic monitoring agency, expressed alarm on Monday about Iran’s decision to bar its inspectors.

AEOI Director Ali Akbar Salehi said in Tehran that his government asked IAEA to replace the two inspectors and such request was within its rights [ISNA, 6 September]. The action brings the number of inspectors barred from Iran to over 40 in the past four years.


Anonymous said...

Sounds a far logic, if the inspectors are Zionist agents then there is no reason why Iran should accept them. The IAEA has reached it's sell by date and now needs to be disposed and new structure brought into place It will be interesting to hear what Ahmedijahd has to say when he visits UN General Assembly on the 22 Sept

reader said...

I don't go as far as calling the inspectors as Zionist agents but no doubts some can easily be befriended and charmed by ill intentioned agents from CIA and Mossad to go further than their course of duty.

Anonymous said...

Why not just get amadinejad to ok it. I'm sure hussein obama, the russians, north koreans, chinese and most of the middle east and some europeans would approve. Those crazy zionists are trying to take over the world.

Anonymous said...

IAEA, is not a legit institution as long as Isarel stands outside of it.

Iran should do what it sees for fit

Israel is the begining and end of all the problems of the world (Middle East)

Weapons of Mass Deception said...

If a report on Iran is NOT leaked it's rather the exception than the rule (case in point: current report to be discussed next week)

As to the reasons for the latest ban, the (also leaked) report alleging that a "chemical cell" was removed without declaring this to the IAEA while only the outer vessel was removed, there's hardly any mention in the media and I believe even the IAEA didn't have the courtesy to address the content of Iran's objections other than issuing a short statement of unwavering confidence in their inspectors.

Anonymous said...

i am just suprised why is iran do this political stand up strategy than used north korian political stand up level north korian would not even allow iaea come close them facillaty why not iran do it this level they are know will intire iaea are corrupt politician that one force can not thismental them otherhand they have creat point to fight them hard in public political stand up to dominate intire word and new fanaminan of standing to be the best you have to face all kind of heat let see what iran will do in next week stand i believe in iaea iran will try to force iaea cheif to resine of his post by not been true full of his report.