Friday, September 3, 2010

Karroubi Under Siege

Above: Hojjat ol-Eslam Mehdi Karroubi
Below: Karroubi's residence. Anti-Karrubi graffiti written on the walls

A large group of Basijis has gathered outside the house of one of Iran's opposition leaders, Hojjat ol-Eslam Mehdi Karroubi, in Tehran, preventing him from leaving his residence to participate in today’s Quds Day marches. The government is concerned that Karroubi’s presence on the streets of Tehran might incite anti-government and pro-Green demonstrations in Tehran.

Top photo: File photo, Press TV

Bottom photo: AP


Anonymous said...

better so, last year his thugs started a fight with others and caused unrest which escalated.
western press enhanced the incident and a couple of youths had to sufer 12-14 months prison sentences because of his(karubis) stupidity

this year they kept him at home, cause he had plans to cause unrest and eventually have a couple of youths dead to make himself mentioned again. (don't forget, they know what he plans ;))

next oppostunity to make a change is at the polls in a couple of years.

get over it

Anonymous said...

That is correct anon / Western Press wanted some kind of diversion of attention from the anniversary and was probably hoping for a few Iranians to die and they report that instead of the demonstration.
As we see CNN prefers to have some reza sayah from pakistan interview karubis son on TV than report from the demonstrations

Anonymous said...

You make it seem like the Basij and paid thugs were having a picnic outside Karroubi's house. Photos:

Mehdi said...

Congratulations to Mr Karubi for attaining an Ayatollah degree.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

do not fool yourselves, Karoubi is one of the most notoriously corrupt personalities in the system.
He was put aside from his responsibilities and thats the reason for his rebellion.
He was Rafsanjanis man for riski interfearances and now he is a burned out element.

dont bet much on him.
Dariush London
PS / his wife is a "Shir-Zan" though

Anonymous said...

he is the biggest loser in the centure of iranian history and would not be ever forgoten what has he done to his country as time pass he may regret what he has done to let country gone to that form of crisses for few mounth lockly most iranian people quickly become aware of those two worst of leader in iran just think of power such as mossavy and karroby they have gone to story book of iranian and time will tell as long as people aware of whom is working hard to build the country those element become just salt in the water and would not see them again good for iranian people to recognized them fast enough to continue them direction for better future.

Anonymous said...

What? I'm confused?? I see government supporters commenting on how Karubi is a "big loser" and "corrupt" but at the same time support the government agents (Basijis) committing these horrible acts? These images are shameful?? These small minorities are truly embarrassment to all proud Iranians!! This is a perfect example of dictatorship! People who stand against the government will be attacked by its thug agents!! Doesn't Iran have laws? If he is corrupt, shouldn't he be tried for it? Shouldn't the government be protective of its citizens (good or bad)??

Anonymous said...

last anon,
you are confused because you see the world in Black and white

Iran is neither,... Iran has different colors on diferent days months and seasons.

by the way, basij means volunteer and not agent.

better a basij (unpaid) than on the payrole of a welfare in the US.

unless you correct usrself and accept ur ignorance of Irans system and people and organizations.

whatever the case long live Iran and all Iranians across the Globe except the MKO.


Nader Uskowi said...


I believe you need to be a bit more careful and considerate when you attack the personality of people like Karroubi. After all, Karroubi was one of the leading figures of the Islamic revolution and founders of the Islamic Republic. I remember interviewing him in Tehran in 1979 when he was just named by Ayatollah Khomeini to head the Relief and Martyr’s Foundations. He later on served for two terms and eight years as the speaker of Majlis. It does not say much about the Islamic Republic and if he is the embodiment of corruption on earth.

BTW, Karroubi has received his "Ejtehad" status (from Saneie). You might not like the way Shia clerical system bestows mojtahed status on its clergy, but that's their system.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is perfect.

But the likes of Mussavi and Karoubi are a million times better and legitimate than the Rejavis and Pahlavis as oppoosition.

Anonymous said...

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