Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Iran Denies “Stuxnet” Attack on Bushehr Nuclear Facility

The Iranian government has denied published reports that the advanced cyber worm “Stuxnet” has compromised the computers at the country’s first nuclear reactor in Bushehr. Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told reporters in Tehran today that the report was part of propaganda against Iran.

On Sunday, the project manager at Bushehr plant had told Iranian news agency IRNA that the facility was indeed infected by “Stuxnet” but no significant harm had been done.

The computer worm surfaced more than a year ago. It exploited gaps in Windows operating systems to attack very specific Siemens software used to operate industrial machinery. The Siemens system and the Windows-based software are used at Bushehr, and more importantly at Natanz uranium enrichment plant. Experts now suspect that the worm was not aimed at Siemens machineries in general but it was created specifically to target the nuclear facility at Natanz.


Anonymous said...


a worm can be reverse engineered by programers, and modified to a new worm then returned with love to whoever it may concern ;)

Dariush London

reader said...

The actual damage done by Stuxnet is way over-exaggerated. No doubt Stuxnet is one of the most sophisticated worms ever written but by no means the most dangerous. The dangerous worm are usually very simple, but lean and mean, written by cyber criminals using the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle. It is quite possible to track down the culprits from the two private keys they stole from two different Taiwanese companies in the same area. Somebody with link to these two companies must have been involved. We might soon witness similar type of disclosure following the murder of a Palestinian leader in Dubai.

Anonymous said...

Maybe their defense industry is totally compromised by Stuxnet as well.

Why the f**k would you still be using Micky$$oft anyway when even in the west people smart enough to use their PC for anything other than Twitter and Twatter have already switched to safer, Open Source long ago (for example Linux) ?!!!

BTW, how safe is this Blog(spot ==Google!) ?!
Weapons of Mass Distraction

WMD said...

...and those Taiwanese companies mentioned above are running fellowship programs with some Israeli entities. Have link (somewhere), will post (later) !

Anonymous said...

Hellahack. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.