Monday, September 13, 2010

Turkish Referendum

The Turkish people on Sunday approved a referendum on sweeping changes to their country’s constitution. The key provisions:

EQUALITY - Strengthens gender equality and bars discrimination against children, elderly, the disabled and veterans.

PRIVACY - Recognizes the right to protection of personal information and access to official personal records.

FREEDOMS - Restricts travel bans imposed on individuals.

LABOR - Allows membership in more than one union in a workplace. Recognizes the right to collective bargaining for civil servants and other state employees. Removes bans on politically motivated strikes.

MILITARY - Gives officers fired by the military the right to appeal. Empowers civilian courts to try military personnel for crimes against state security and the constitutional order. Opens the way for the prosecution of Turkey's 1980 military coup leaders.

JUDICIARY – Gives power to parliament to appoint some of the members of the Constitutional Court. A panel of judges had selected all members until now. The secular parties strongly opposed this provision fearing the selection of non-secular judges by the parliament.

Source: AP

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