Sunday, September 5, 2010

PA Criticizes Remarks by Ahmadinejad

The Palestinian Authority lashed out Saturday at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over his remarks about the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

“[The Iranian president] who does not represent the Iranian people, who falsified elections and took power by fraud does not have the right to talk about Palestine, its president or its representatives," Palestinian Authority spokesman Nabil Abu Rodeina said [Wafa News Agency, 4 September].

"We are defending our national rights and interests and will not allow anyone to threaten us or question the legitimacy of the Palestinian Liberation Organization led by President Mahmud Abbas,” Rodeina added.

President Ahmadinejad had said on Friday, during his speech at the Quds Day, that the talks that began on Thursday in Washington lacked legitimacy as the Palestinian leader (Mahmud Abbas) had no right to make representation and concessions in the name of Palestinians.

"Who gave them the right to sell a piece of Palestinian land? The people of Palestine and the people of the region will not allow them to sell even an inch of Palestinian soil to the enemy. The negotiations are stillborn and doomed," Ahmadinejad had said.


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh out loud. The PA giving others lessons in democracy and legitimacy. The people that negated a democratic election that gave power to Hamas. These corrupt, ineffective stooges that are now employed as a native militia to terrorise and oppress westbank palestinians trying to discredit i said very funny.

- Zaki

Anonymous said...

While I agree that the PA is in no position to give others lessons in democracy and legitimacy, neither is Iran under Ahmadinejad. We have our own corrupt ineffective stooges that are now employed as native militia, i.e. Basij and plain clothes thugs, to terrorise and oppress the Iranian people. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

the reason is simple iran prepration to strike israel by hesbola and seria that is not secret the only things require some excuse to start full skill of war in middle east that even several general of iranian has called in public speach to having a war need international excusses to reach this when is set the groud then ready to start. secondly every one know that ,this is just show to palistinain people abbas will provide the peace in the reigne that mean coincided as quad days to come people done but reality will not change in the accupied area thirdly full skill of prepration done but this time israel in big dangers of losing the war for sure the cost is termandest for us and israel dispide of several attemt to start large skill of war israel keep holding such as last month border firing and recent 4 israely people has been shut and died this mean israel know egxactly what she is facing for this not only defence border this strike level to the heart of israel.

Anonymous said...

"[The Iranian president] who does not represent the Iranian people, who falsified elections and took power by fraud"

Where has he been? Has he been asleep since June 2009? - that he only now understands this?? I guess it is better for him to realize this fact now - later is better than never.

Anonymous said...

Abbas, the PLO (Fatah)and their family, have amassed huge personal fortunes; their kids are the money tycoons of the West Bank. They have a monopoly on all wireless communication in the Palestinian territories. Abbas, you may say, is the Karzai of the West Bank; the status quo is his best friend, for as long as the Israelis and Americans keep offering him protection. Fayad, Abbas...are all crooks, they would cease to exist. As an academic, would you give up your livelihood? Of course not. Neither will the 140,000 Palestinians who work for the Palestinian Authority.

Anonymous said...

how do you say "Arab e koon pare" in English ??