Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gasoline @ $2.40 per Gallon

The Iranian government will set the gasoline price at 670 toumans per liter, or $2.40 per gallon, a 67 percent increase over the current prices. The new prices are expected to go into effect by next week.

The government will also set the price of subsidized gasoline to 400 toumans per liter, or $1.44 per gallon. This is a 400 percent increase over the current subsidized prices. There will be a cap of one car per family for this subsidy.

The government announced last week that Iran has become self-sufficient in gasoline production. But these dramatic price increases indicate that the self-sufficiency plan is primarily based on forcing lower demand for the expensive fuel.


Anonymous said...

Wow. If this actually takes place, it could provide the makings of a social shock.

In some ways, this is beginning to take on the life of Britain in 1939, during the so-called "phoney war" period. Let's hope the "Blitz" is not forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

the reality is the intire eu and usa price between 1 doller and eu is almost 1.5 erou so why not raise to 85 cence and those people do not have car use the yarana in them pocket pluse many thing government will be take away subcidised policy and pay lateter to people i believe should be fair for every one whom do not have car get money in them pocket.

Anonymous said...

Why you need gasoline at all?? No more cars on Iran's roads

Anonymous said...

3 stage price


7 cent per liter for 500 liter
4 cent per liter for 60 liter
1 cent per litere for your remainig unused ration

very complicated.