Monday, December 14, 2009

Times Translation: Iran's Alleged Nuclear Trigger

Times Online has published the English translation of allegedly the most sensitive Iranian nuclear program document from Farsi. The translation appears in today's edition of Times:

The document describes an Iranian program to test a neutron initiator, the component of a nuclear bomb with no civilian use. If genuine, the document would indicate a final stage in Iran's attempt to build a nuclear bomb. The Iranian government has in the past strongly denied the existence of a bomb-building program.


Mark Pyruz said...

Nader, any idea how this document was obtained from Iran? Or why it is missing any official IRI headers or references?

(This really reminds me of the run-up to war against Iraq.)

Anonymous said...

nader uskowi, do you work for Mr. Black-Bush?
this looks like that presentation of Collin Powell in the UN that with some fabricated evidence on Saddams alleged WMDs started a war (based on lies to be reveled later!) I feel sorry for you sir!

Paul Iddon said...

in fairness Nader didn't put any opinion on it he just reported what is going on in the media!

Anonymous said...

this is a senario to show up people .iran working in nuclear case in my believe iran has long and long ago obtain nuclear weapon from 1991 and 2000 all they try to say we find a document to proved it any one could make it that issue as i do it now the made 60 to 90 nuclear war head 10 of them power 100kt the other 20 of it 10 kt the rest 1mt power whom believe it ,no rush just saying but is not the fact secondly is any country in the world has bull to fight iran just not borging by doing it if you talk israel theire are much smarten that to face iran that iran want it so badly to have first his historic war third if you talk us they are in big trable then any one so what is the solution in this crises nothing really they get what they want you can not win the ayatola they are master of master of manapolation that you can not manapolate them what so ever.

Anonymous said...

The Times does not provide the slightest proof of the authenticity of this document.

It looks like an amateurish fabrication by someone who has left out personal names (lest they could be proven not to exist). They have also left out any official marking, because that would make it easier for Iran to refute the contents of the letter.

Official marking is also significant by its absence, as is a date.

The writing is too small to be legible, but the heading starts all wrong. It is written in Farsi "Be Nam-e Khoda" ("In the name of God"). Whereas, anyone who has seen official Iranian documents can attest that the standard starter in letters is the Arabic "Bismehi ta'ala" (In the name of the Most High) or, occasionally the Arabic “Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim” (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful). Almost always these are printed on the official headed note-papers or, rarely in hand-written letters, written by hand.

I cannot recall ever seeing an official piece of correspondence with the Farsi "Be Nam-e Khoda."

The Times says it was obtained this document from an "Asian source." This is almost certainly Israel. Well, that says it all.

It was likely written by one of the thousands of Iranian immigrants in Israel whose mother tongue ifs Farsi and who are now serving in the military/intelligence sectors of their adopted country.

After seeing such a blatant fabrication, one can sympathize more with the Iranian authorities who have persistently dismissed the so-called "lap-top documents" as forgeries.

Nader Uskowi said...


I have no idea of the origins of this document. I first saw it at Times. Any doubts over its authenticity is quite understandable. We need to follow reactions from Iran as well.

The significance of this news is the way it is being played in the media. It does remind me also of the run-up to Iraq war.

Anonymous said...

looks like something that peace prize winner Mr. Black-Bush (Obama) would present to the UN in a pretext for war. reminds me of the Collin Powell proof by animation of saddam WMD's at the UN in 2003 as a run up for the Iraq war!

Anonymous said...

by all due respect, but The west has lied soooooooo much in past 10 years,That I not only not believe this report, but consider it an intelligence operation a la "only stupid people are to be fooled"